Why You Need to Know Your Cat’s Basic Nutritional Needs

When you think about having the perfect companion, the first thing that comes to mind is not a significant other, but a pet! And if you’re the kind of person who needs their space but also wants to have a friend around, then having a cat is the perfect choice for you. If you have a feline friend, then you know just how remarkable these pets are.


They are clever, determined, and frankly, very stubborn. We love our little kittens so much that we want to nurture them constantly – even when they seemingly ignore our advances, and we want to provide for their health and safety. You may have noticed that our independent fur babies are very curious and often have high energy levels. It is why you must provide them a healthy diet full of nutrients so they can sustain a fulfilling, lively, and adventurous life – even though an indoor cat’s idea of adventure is discovering every nook and cranny of your house.

On that note, let’s take a look at why you need to know your cat’s basic nutritional needs.

To Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Water

It may seem adequate to provide your cat with dry food since they always have a bowlful of water beside it as recommended by experts, but water-rich food needs to be a part of their diet, too. If your cat is used to dry food, gradually introduce wet food to their diet. It is also slightly more expensive than dry food, but it significantly reduces the risk of urinary tract disease, many cats are susceptible to. Furthermore, you don’t want to give up dry food entirely, as this provides your pet with calories to maintain a healthy weight.

To Distinguish Between Fresh Vs. Synthetic Supplements

Many synthetic supplements are good for your pets; however, some are very highly processed foods that do more harm than good. Moreover, there are plenty of substitutes readily available. Fresh food is beneficial for allergy relief and promotes easier digestion in cats. You’ll also notice your cat has shinier fur after a few days of a fresh diet.

There’s nothing wrong with trying different brands and flavors for your pet; after all, you want what appeals to their taste buds. However, you must research fresh and healthy ingredients to ensure what you are feeding your pet is going to improve their health. Not many people understand the nutritional value listed on products, nor can they recognize the difference in ingredients; it can be hard to know which is best for your little fur baby. Therefore, look at these best choices for cat food that fellow cat owners can attest to. When you understand how to look for quality products, you’ll realize that you don’t have to compromise on quality for affordability, nor should any pet owner have to.

To Avoid High Carbohydrate-Intake

Excess carbohydrates can be troublesome for your cat because this type of diet can lead to feline obesity and diabetes mellitus. Moreover, your cat has a higher chance of remission should they have diabetes if they immediately begin consuming a low-carb diet.


It’s important to note that anything in excess can ensure complications will arise. You don’t want to eliminate carbs from your cat’s diet entirely; you simply want to keep track of what they’re eating to avoid a high intake.

To Provide Sufficient Protein

What many people aren’t aware of is how much protein benefits the health of our feline friends. Cat’s basic nutritional needs are significantly higher protein amounts than dogs, so always include some dry food in their diet. Your cat can easily receive sufficient protein intake with fresh foods, such as chicken, poultry, beef, lamb, fish, and liver. Cats need protein to maintain their high-energy levels, and it also provides them with certain amino acids needed to build their muscles and fuel their bodily functions. While excess protein is typically harmless, you will still want to ensure your cat is getting the necessary amount, so don’t overdo it.

When it comes to caring for your fluffball, it’s highly advised to proceed with quality research before purchasing a product for your pet. Cats are prone to certain illnesses that can be avoided with a healthy diet, so learn about the nutrients to look for in labels. Your cat needs a healthy dose of fresh, wet, and dry food; they also need a mixture of protein, carbs, and water with different intake levels. Invariably, always ensure you are providing your pet with the appropriate nutritional needs for optimal health.



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