Why should You Introduce Feedback Program in Your Organization?


There are fresh trends in the world that are making the companies expand beyond their limits. It is not simply about what you are doing outside your organization, it is also about how you are managing everything inside your organization. You have to be certain about everything if you want to perform well and excel in your industry.

Feedbacks are doing miracles

Where in the past people used to be awful about feedbacks, today organizations are putting a lot of concentration on feedbacks. They make sure that their employees, staff members and leaders do get evaluated and get feedback. Of course, feedbacks not just help the staff members to know where they stand but also help them to expand their growth. At the same time the ways in which feedback procedure is conducted is also changing. More and more organizations are making use of 360-degree feedback tool to ensure that they get the finest experience for their employees.

Once you get to understand how your business works, you would surely work on the weaker areas right? You would be in a position to make a difference in the areas that ask for your attention. Since you get to know that you actually lack at a specific area or the other; you might be able to make a good impact in a great way. Once the areas where you lack or the zones where you do make mistakes are apparent to you, you can put efforts to make sure that you strengthen those areas. Whether with your organization or the employees; you can always make sure that everybody gets the feedback to enhance and grow.

Any idea about what your employees are doing?

Since you are running the business or organization, at times it gets really hard to find out in case your employees are working in an effective manner or not. In such types of scenarios, it is important that you make use of feedbacks. Once you have 360 feedbacks, you shall get to know about the overall effectivity and working of the employees in your business. The tool would get you all the information from diverse sources. Where in the past, the conventional feedback method used to get you feedbacks only from the instant heads or superiors; in this concept of feedback the sources of the feedback method are varied. You can expect the feedback from:

  • The purchasers, sellers, associates and other visitors.
  • All the Subordinates and the colleagues.
  • The investors and the clients.
  • Team heads, seniors and overall staff members.

The amazing news is that these feedback processes are concealed. It means the feedback given regarding a specific person would be anonymous. Nobody is going to get to know about who has given the feedback. In this way, the feedbacks stay firm and they have a more powerful influence on the receiver. Certainly, since the employees, staff members or even managers do not understand who actually gave the feedback, there remains no room for bitterness. All the employees simply pay attention to the feedback given and not who gave them. They start working on their areas wherein they lack and also ensure that they take the feedback in the proper sense. Those who get positive feedback get even more enhanced. They get the satisfaction that their work and task is getting considered in a positive manner. They get the inspiration to perform even better and with twofold enthusiasm.

Similarly, on the part of the feedback givers, these people would also be at ease. They would give their feedbacks without any type of hesitation or unrest. Since they know that their names will not be revealed, they are going to write the hearts out in the feedback. It means they are going to say whatever they want to say that too without any fear or consequences. In this way, there is going to be a fair game.

Obviously, in the areas wherein people get to know about the names of the feedback givers, the condition gets really diplomatic. It is quite obvious. The feedback givers know that the person who has been given the feedback is going to come to know about the name of the feedback giver, the individual giving the feedback might even try to butter the person by laying a good feedback and get into the good books. The point is to be sure about the precautions you take. Moreover, in the past people used to be frightened about giving a feedback because they had a thought that everybody would get to know about the names. In this way, there would be chances of battle or they might get disadvantaged in the near future. The primary thing here is that in this 360-feedback program, nobody really gets to know about the feedback given by anybody. Since the identity of the person given the feedback remains hidden there remains no type of hesitation or turmoil. The productivity of the concept of fair and brave feedback remains intact and firm.

Avail understanding of your employees

Once you have the idea about the feedback of diverse employees or clients, you can understand the mindset and thinking of people in a much powerful manner. You would be in a position to take [proper actions accordingly. You can comprehend the behavioural dynamics as you have witnessed them on-the-job and hence you can take measures to improve the developmental steps. Once you get an understanding about how individuals think about your departments, groups and even that of heads; you can take steps to familiarize with it all. There would not be any type of showiness as you would know what precisely people have to tell about the other staff members. it is not about who actually said what, it is more about what has been stated and where is the need to enhance for better outcomes. The pure success of this feedback concept lays on the outcome.


Thus, you have to start using the 360-feedback instrument to get the best insight into the overall performance of the employees.


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