Why Should I Sell the Land I Own Myself?

You have land to sell and you are strongly considering doing it yourself. But you also ask yourself if it is the right thing to do. You can get some real benefits from selling the land yourself rather than through a realtor.

Before you do an online search for “how to sell land by owner“, you should read this. It might save you some worry.

You Control The Whole Thing

If you decide to go this route, you will be in the driver’s seat. You can determine many things – the price, marketing, everything. That is good for people who don’t want to have to have someone like a realtor stepping in and trying to change things. Instead, you will be the point person for the entire selling campaign.

You Avoid Commission Fees

While you do have to pay for other things, like marketing, you do get to avoid having to pay realtor’s commission fees, which, depending on how much you sell the land for, can be a sizable chunk. That won’t happen when you sell the land yourself and that money can go right back into your pocket.

You Won’t Have To Compromise

Having a realtor there with you can be helpful in some ways. They can guide you and keep from making mistakes when it comes to the sale. But they also have a vested interest in themselves too. That means that they want some money. So, if they feel that things are getting close, they may start nudging you towards a deal even if it means that you would compromise on some things. That way, they will be able to get a slice of the pie.

That won’t be the case when you are selling the land yourself. As mentioned earlier, you will be in the driver’s seat. You set the terms … and you can be as flexible or inflexible as you want. If you have done your research and know the value of the land and are aware of the trends in the market, then it makes sense to not budge off that set price and not compromise. If the buyer really wants the land that badly, then they will move toward you.

Of course, you should not go in without your eyes wide open. There are some inherent risks – and if you are aware of those, then you can steer yourself toward success. The biggest risk is that you might be inexperienced. That can lead to you making mistakes. A real estate agent could keep you from doing that. You also have to spend a lot of time doing the whole process of selling land. That could be handled by the realtor instead and you can devote your time to other things.

In any event, you need to weigh the options before moving ahead. Then you will be able to do the whole thing with eyes wide open and hopefully make a great sale for your land.