Why Not Go for Python Development?

Adopting other languages ​​become difficult

This language is rapidly gaining momentum and in 2020 took the third line in the authoritative TIOBE ranking, behind only C and Java. They love Python and want to write in it, which is not surprising: it is easy to learn and is studied in the initial programming courses at universities.


Python is a universal language. Hundreds of convenient libraries have been created for it, allowing you to do everything. From creating simple games to popular libraries for working with data and neural networks (TensorFlow).

Python is arguably the biggest win for marketers today. Knowing the language at an acceptable level, you can completely complete several tasks:

Receiving data through API services. Let’s say you need to compose a small report, obtaining a certain dataset from several sources.

Data processing. This is where the Pandas library comes to the rescue. It organizes data into convenient data frames. It allows you to operate on columns and rows, making massive changes.

Process automation. In Python, you can easily remove from your work most of the routine associated with advertising campaigns or working with tables, mailing lists, etc..

Parsing information. If you need to quickly get certain information from the web – whether it be prices for specific products in an online store or any other text data contained in the body of a web page.

Below is a simple example of using BeautifulSoup. The script receives information about the page and outputs the HTML code of the header, its text, and the HTML code of its parent.

Creation of chatbots. In Python, you can program a bot in a messenger or social network. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are services that further simplify and automate this process.

Machine Learning. Python allows you to analyze statistical samples and build predictions based on them. For example, you can calculate the likelihood that a user will unsubscribe from your product in the near future and influence their behavior in time.

Python development doesn’t perform well on mobile platforms

Google released the Android Scripting Environment (ASE) software development in Python, which allows you to write Android programs in a variety of scripting languages, including Python and Ruby.

In addition, you will need to ship the entire Python runtime along with the program, while the Java runtime is already included in the device. This means a heavy load on memory – another scarce resource on a mobile device.

Python or a similar scripting language is not recommended for serious Android development – it can be useful for rapid prototyping, but not for producing quality applications.

Slow speed

As for the speed of python web development or another language, this is the most discussed question on the forums regarding comparison.

Final Verdict: Good or Bad?

It is a high-level programming language that rightfully belongs to one of the simplest and most understandable, thanks to its syntax and readability. It is believed that it is great for beginners because programming in Python is much faster and easier than, for example, in JavaScript. You can learn Python syntax using the usual tutorial on the official website of python django development company. It’s pretty well written.

If you’re a beginner developer, general-purpose Python is your best bet.

Python is an interpreted language and, before launch, is just a text file. There is no compilation step in it. It’s logical, well-designed, and works well on almost all platforms.

If we talk about where this language is used most often, then the leader, of course, will be web development. As for mobile applications, the server-side is usually written on Python, and other languages ​​are used for devices on Android and IOS.

The language is used to create means of regulating various indicators, such as temperature, pressure, and consumption of various resources. That is why Python is so loved by the developers of today’s popular smart home systems.