Why Is Everyone Dreaming Of Owning A Countryside House?

The idea of living by lush greenery, carefully manicured gardens, or a shimmering lake may have been the stuff dreams were made of just a few years ago, but today, it is becoming a reality for many Americans, who are fleeing big cities in favor of the green life. Forbes reports that some of the most compelling reasons for making the switch include less expensive housing, a cleaner environment, and the fact that remote work is predicted to continue in the long term. With the plethora of portable banking and online investment platforms, new Cloud storage solutions, and ubiquitous connectivity, it makes sense to ‘return to innocence’ in rural settings, while still ensuring that crucial jobs are getting done.
Countryside Homes Bear A Chic Design
Rural and ranch-style homes are no longer the simplistic, one-floor, rustic settings that they used to be a decade ago. As demonstrated by land and residential specialists, TexasLand, today’s rural homes bear cutting-edge design and luxury features such as open floor plans, marble, and mixed metals, underfloor heating, and top-notch insulation. It is no wonder that celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Logan Paul have opted to invest in modern ranches. Their homes are filled with stunning floor-to-ceiling glass features (to make the most of natural light and to afford better views over stunning lakes and acres of trees), modern beamed ceilings, and artistic touches such as mixed metal lighting and ‘hidden’ storage furniture in common areas such as the kitchen.
Nature’s Positive Effect On Work Performance
Nature can help bring out the best in your work, whether you specialize in artistic, technical, scientific, or entrepreneurial pursuits. A 2015 study showed that simply glancing at greenery on a rooftop markedly boosts concentration; imagine actually living in the midst of endless acres of green. Another 2015 study by the Acoustical Society of America found that playing natural sounds such as flowing water in an office could boost employees’ moods and cognitive abilities. Once again, can you imagine actually listening to a flowing lake you can contemplate when you need a little break from the stresses of work and your private life? Cornell University researchers actually found that just 10 minutes a day of green time can significantly reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Yet if your home is ensconced in the middle of a lush paradise, it is far easier to reach a calm state by simply ‘being’ right where you are.
Opportunities For Relaxation And Fun
Country life offers dwellers the chance to be as active or relaxed as they wish, with so many opportunities to enjoy the Great Outdoors. From waterskiing to mountain trekking, and climbing to canyoning, countryside activities call upon residents to embrace adventures and new experiences. You don’t need expensive tickets to the theater or a dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant to have the time of your life. However, if sophisticated experiences are your thing, know that many countryside communities now have installations such as gyms, restaurants, shopping centers, and other amenities that make it easy to adapt to your new life.
If you are one of the many Americans pursuing a dream of a greener life, know that there are many benefits to reap. In nature, you can focus, relax, and lift your mood, all while avoiding the time wastage (and expense) associated with commuting to work in big cities. You can also find a host of fun activities to take part in while you build a bond with nature that you may have never had in the past.

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