Why CBD Might Not Be Working For You



Have you heard of the amazing benefits of CBD products and been tempted to try them for yourself. They boast of many health benefits such as pain relief, relief from insomnia and anxiety, and better skincare and muscle growth. CBD and related products such as online cannabis come in various forms that can be more or less effective for different people. Some may be disappointed at not receiving the advertised benefits; however, there may be good reasons why it is not working for you.

It’s not from a reputable source

Although CBD is everywhere, in the shops and online, the quality of the products vary widely. CBD originates in the hemp plant, which is an accumulator crop. This means it is excellent at absorbing nutrients and minerals from the soil around it. Hemp was planted in the ground after Chernobyl, for instance, to absorb the nuclear contamination. This means the hemp for your CBD must be grown in controlled conditions or low-grade. Always check the source of your CBD products.

It needs time to build up in your system

CBD is not a one-hit-wonder. You cannot consume a CBD product and then expect instant results. Furthermore, everybody is different. We all have unique physical and mental makeups that can influence the effectiveness of CBD. There are some useful tips for finding the best levels for you. Begin with small doses and slowly build it up until you achieve the desired result. It can be a good idea to keep a journal of this to check your optimal levels.

You need to give it more time

It can be frustrating to persevere with CBD when you aren’t experiencing the expected results. The truth is that it won’t work for everyone, but don’t give up on it before you’re sure it isn’t working for you. It may just take a little longer to build up in your system. It’s normal for some people not to see the results for weeks or even months. If, after months, you realize there is still no effect, you might think about trying other CBD products.

You need a different delivery system

If you are struggling to feel the effects of a CBD product, the one you’re using may not be effective for your purposes. CBD comes in many different forms these days, everything from oils, and gummies, to vapes, topicals, and drinks. Different products will produce different effects based on how quickly the CBD gets into the bloodstream. Gummies will take longer for instance, because they will need to go through the digestive tract.

It might not work for you

According to clinical research, 20% of Americans may not notice any CBD effect because of their genetic makeup. CBD works by increase the number of endocannabinoids in the system and thereby reducing anxiety, but some people are born with an endocannabinoid system that produces more endocannabinoids. While this means they may not experience much anxiety, it also means that CBD products will have minimal effect.