Which Type of Doghouse Matches Each Dog Breed?


We love our pups unconditionally. We want them to be as comfortable as possible, but unfortunately, many of us cannot allow our dogs to sleep inside. Whether it be because our dogs destroy everything in sight, or because they keep us awake all night, occasionally, we have to leave them in the backyard. Keeping your dog in the backyard, however, does not mean that it needs to be uncomfortable, and there are many options available with regard to dog houses.

This page will seek to tell you a few dog houses that match specific breeds of dogs. If you have struggled in the past to find a comprehensive list or a list of this nature, then look no further than here and continue to read on.

Which type of doghouse matches each dog breed? Find out below.

Factor the Weather into Your Decision

As a disclaimer, before beginning the list, it is important to mention that you must factor the weather into your decision into which doghouse you buy. Even if a doghouse in this list corresponds to your breed, if the doghouse is not suitable in your climate, you must opt for something else. The professional doghouse reviewers of https://www.treehousepuppies.com/dog/bedding/best-igloo-dog-houses/ say that you absolutely cannot allow your dog to freeze or to be stuck outside in the rain.

Make sure the doghouse that you buy matches the climate you are in; an outdoor cage cannot suffice for a dog who lives in the Antarctic, and a carpeted and insulated puppy pad will not do for a dog who lives in the Sahara Desert. Use your common sense when it comes to selecting an appropriate doghouse for your pup, as no dog owner wants their fluffy friend to suffer. Our pets are part of the family, and we must treat them that way.


For pit bulls, dogs who have developed a fierce reputation and are banned in many countries across the world, it is important you get an outdoor cage. Pit bulls have been known to break free from their chains and escape from dog houses, wreaking havoc in their neighborhoods. Pit bulls are brutal if not conditioned properly as puppies, and even if your pitbull is good-natured, you should still provide it with an outdoor cage. Having a pit bull loose in the neighbourhood is terrifying for other parents and pet owners, and the police may end up putting your pup down simply out of fear.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are dogs who love warmth! Either of these dogs is likely to try and snuggle up in bed with you at night. For these dogs, you should use a disused shed, or construct a new one, and turn it into a full-out playboy puppy pad, complete with shag rugs and carpeting. These dogs are prone to bouts of anxiety, so it is important to keep them warm and comfortable. By erecting a shed for them, they will feel as if they have their own territory and will love to snuggle down under their favourite blanket.


Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are tiny pups that, when young, can fit in the palm of your hand. A Jack Russell does not need a very large enclosure, and frankly, you may not even need to leave your Jack Russell outside. Still, if you do intend on leaving your Jack Russell outdoors, then a small wooden enclosure with a blanket inside will do them fine. They are dogs that like to burrow into small places, and owing to their small stature, can do it quite well.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds, similarly to pit bulls, are dogs who have gained fearsome reputations. German Shepherds are good guard dogs, and quite often used as attack dogs. They can be trained much easier than a pit bull can and are often quite obedient. You can simply chain a German Shephard to the inside of a traditional wooden dog shelter, and providing your fences and gates are closed, will be perfectly fine. German Shepherds are good dogs and love to listen to their masters. If you make them fully aware, they will be in a lot of trouble if they try to escape, then they should stay put.


Bloodhounds need a small wooden enclosure and need not be chained. Bloodhounds love to sleep and can sleep for hours and hours on end. Bloodhounds are very used to sleeping outdoors and have for hundreds of years, as they are hunting dogs.

Now you know a few dog breeds and the corresponding shelter best suited to them. There are hundreds of breeds of dog, and they cannot, of course, be compiled here, so this list is just some of the most popular dogs from across the world and the best shelters for them.


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