Which is The Best Month to Sell a House? Tips from Setschedule

Meta Description:Today, there are multiple opinions about the best month to sell a house. While each house is unique, Roy Dekel says some facts are essential for great timing.  

If you fly regularly, chances are that you already know there are perfect days to purchase an air ticket. Similarly, there is a specific time when you should list your home if you want to make more money and sell faster. While getting ready to sell a house can be daunting for some people, proper timing can go a long way in making the process smooth and rewarding.

Read on to find out when you should sell your house and get the maximum benefits.

Timing the sale to get better value

According to a new research, sellers who listed their houses between 1st may and 15th may sold them 18.5 days faster than their counterparts who entered the market at other times. In addition, these homes were sold for about 1% more than houses listed during other times. Considering the current prices, the 1% translates to a tidy sum of $1700.

If you are not ready to sell your home during this time Roy Dekel of Setschedule says you can also take advantage of the home sale spike that happens around the best month to sell a house of September-October.See more here. Although this time is also ideal, it doesn’t present as many opportunities as you would get during spring since the market tends to be broad.

Selling in summer, autumn or winter: Insight from Roy Dekel

Selling a house in summer has been difficult because most people go on vacations around this time. When they are around, they are preoccupied with childcare and other responsibilities that come with school holidays.

At times, autumn can present good opportunities for selling your home since the weather is favorable. However, it’s important to move swiftly once a buyer shows interest in your house. If you wait for October the market will be slowing down and getting a buyer won’t be easy.

If your home isn’t listed before December Roy Dekel suggests that selling in winter isn’t a good decision. In fact, it’s prudent to hold off any selling plans until the following year when people are making New Year resolutions.

Handling the closing in best month to sell a house through Setschedule

Although the market seems to be doing fine, it’s important to bear in mind that prevailing conditions are subject to change as time goes by. In fact, several people are suggesting that there will be a downturn in the housing sector in the next few years.

But you don’t need to worry about the closing sale since you don’t have to be physically present. In fact, when you work with reputable real estate experts like Setschedule it’s possible to have the documents pre-signed even before the sale happens.

If the law doesn’t permit this in your locality, you could authorize your attorney or agent to sign the necessary documents if you won’t be present. This ensures that you don’t lose some cash because you’ve sold the house in hurry and you can wait to offload when gains are higher.

If you want to get things done quickly, sign a contract with your agent when the market is teeming with high-value buyers. Normally, it would be wise to limit the contract to two months so that your agent can work quickly or lose the deal. 





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