What makes Lebanese food so good?


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It is not a big secret that Lebanese food is delicious. Flavourful and healthy, what makes it so good? The reason why Lebanese food is so good resides in its origin. Because of where Lebanon is located, by the eastern cost of the Mediterranean Sea, the country was visited and ruled, over the centuries, by a multitude of impressive empires. Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians, and Ottomans have all interacted with the population of Lebanon at one time or another during the past two thousand years. Such multicultural interactions have left their indelible trace in the country’s cuisine. With each regime, new foods were introduced, and new recipes were developed.

Using fresh ingredients, mostly grown locally or in the nearby region to conserve freshness, Lebanese food mixes a panoply of tasty ingredients to create delicious meals. Amazingly, what is part of traditional Lebanese cuisine also qualifies as healthy food as we understand the concept these days. Fresh vegetables, sautéed or steamed mixed with herbs and spices that tickle your taste buds are low-calorie ingredients that accompany most recipes. Although Lebanese food is not vegetarian or vegan, it is composed of minimal red meat or dairy. Other products are preferred such as poultry, fish and sea food. Even deserts are healthier than you would think as their sweetness comes from honey rather than refined sugar.

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As traditional families in Lebanon were large, meals were the opportunity to gather and rejoice around plenty of food that would appeal to everyone. The variety almost guarantees that there is something to like for every guest at the table. Tasteful and filled with nutrients, traditional meals are delicious and filling. Just think about their freshly made breads…

But how did Lebanese food become so popular around the world? It is the most popular cuisine of the Middle-East! Well, people from Lebanon are traders by nature and enjoy sharing and exchanging with strangers. As populations migrated or people moved to different countries, they found it was easier to make new friends and communicate in a strange language through cooking. Gathering recipes that have been with families for decades if not centuries, Lebanese people decided to share. Therefore, immigrants opened Lebanese restaurants wherever they landed, allowing the rest of the world to discover this delicious treasure. This explains why, everywhere you go, people know what tabbouleh is and feels their mouth water just thinking about it. 

If you have not yet tried a typical Lebanese meal, stop by Mezza Lebanese Grill and place your order. You will not be disappointed. Until you get the chance to visit the restaurant, check some of the traditional Lebanese recipes published online. Gather the ingredients and give it a try. It will not be as delicious as the real experience, but it will let you enjoy a part of a delicious cooking style that has travelled the world. Really, anywhere you travel, you can count on finding a Lebanese restaurant where you will be certain to eat a marvelous meal.     

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