Which DNA Company Should I Choose?


Many people decide to take a look at their DNA at some point nowadays. With genealogy and the question of where we come from proving ever more popular, there are tools everywhere that allow us to take a closer look at our own genetic history. Here are some factors you should think about when trying to choose a DNA company.


What the Test Does

One of the first things you should decide is the capabilities of the test. Some are just ancestry tests. They will just tell you where in the world your ancestors came from. If you want to know more about the countries and cultures of your ancestors, this might be all you need.

Some tests also take things a little further by looking at your haplogroups. Doing so means they have to potential to trace your lineage back to just a single person who lived thousands of years ago. They can also determine some cool things like the percentage of Neanderthal DNA you may have and the genes that affect important functions like your athleticism. There truly is no end to what you could learn from these tests.

What the Experts Say

You are not the first person to undergo a DNA test, and you have the advantage of doing your research to discover what other people might have said about your chosen DNA test. For example, you may want to read the experts’ experience with 23andMe. This gives you some insight into what to expect from the test when you come to do it, and the results you are likely to get back.

No matter what you are doing, you should always try to look at reviews of the company you are thinking about trying. This will give you a clear indication of what experience you can expect from the company. Though they may appear to offer a brilliant product, they could potentially have a bad reputation due to poor customer service.

What the Results are

Some DNA companies lay out the information very simply. You will get a set of results that are easy to understand. However, there are some companies that also choose to give a more scientific approach to their answers. This could be a better option for you if you prefer more in-depth results overall.

Both could still give you plenty of insight into yourself and those who came before you. No matter what option you pick, you should be able to find lots of information about your ancestors and where they came from.

What will you do with this information? Some people like to plan a heritage trip to see the modern-day equivalent of where their ancestors lived. Others might prefer to do a little genealogy work to find out who these ancestors were depending on the timeline they have been given. Knowing this information about yourself can give you some real clarity about who you are as a person. Find out more about your ancestors and find the right DNA test for you now.


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