When and Why You Should Avoid Driving


Cars are amazing tools as they help you move from one place to another with ease. The experience of using a motor vehicle is even more amazing if you are the one driving the car. In as much as driving is terrific, there is a lot of caution that needs to be taken.

In essence, knowing when to keep your hands off the steering wheel is an integral part of driving. Here are some of the instances when you should avoid driving and the reasons why.

When You are under the influence

There are many safe driving practices, and driving under the influence is not one of them. In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make when you are behind the wheel.

Let us take alcohol; for example, liquor tends to make people feel high. When an individual is high, he or she cannot speak properly, cannot think clearly, and what is scarier is the fact that he/she cannot see clearly. In essence, the person’s senses are manipulated.

In short, stepping into the driver’s seat and getting on the road when you are in such a state can easily lead to an accident. You may end up knocking another car’s bumper, taking someone’s life, or even losing your own life on the road. All of this because you did not adhere to a simple road safety tip, do not drink and drive.

When You Are Stressed or Unwell

Another safety measure to adhere to is; avoid driving when you are unwell, stressed, or tired. If you feel ill, please try as much as possible to let someone else drive you or take a taxi to your destination. The reason is that illnesses may hamper your judgment on the road, and you may be slow or unable to react to certain situations like instantly slamming in the breaks in case of an emergency.

Defensive driving (taking caution when driving and doing everything possible to avoid accidents) tips state that being stressed or tired may distract you from the road, and this may cause accidents.

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When the Weather is Terrible

Weather is a great determinant of whether you should get behind the wheel or not. Let us take, for example, rain. Safe driving dictates that you should analyze the amount of rain and try to avoid driving in heavy rains. The reason is quite simple, when there are heavy rains, the road tends to be slippery. So when you are traveling fast, and there is a heavy downpour, the tires tend to travel on a thick layer of water instead of gripping the road’s surface. When such a thing happens, you will a challenging time steering and applying the brakes properly. When such happens, it can lead to a total loss of car control, which could easily lead to an accident.

Fog is another tricky weather phenomenon. If possible, for your safety on the road, avoid driving when there is too much fog. Fog tends to inhibit vision as it creates a blanket of dark “smoke,” which makes it difficult for you to see what is in front of or around you. This is dangerous as you could end up damaging someone’s car or even losing your life. But then if you have to drive, drive at a manageable speed, get extra careful, and avoid overtaking carelessly.


Cruising down the highway as you maneuver your way through traffic is an excellent experience, especially if you love cars. Such an experience is fantastic only for people who adhere to road safety rules and guidelines. One of these rules dictates that there are certain instances when one should not get behind a vehicle’s steering wheel. One of those instances is when the person is under the influence of drugs. This is because someone under the influence is unable to hold himself together, and this may inhibit him from driving properly. You should also avoid driving when the weather conditions are terrible, for example, when there is too much rain, fog or both.

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