What You Need to Know About Cooking as a Newbie


Cooking is one of the basic life skills that we should all know a fair bit about, regardless of gender. You cannot survive without food and you shouldn’t rely on someone else to feed yourself all the time. Also, ordering meals every day will empty your pocket and upset your stomach and make you gain weight. Learning how to make your own meals will provide you with nutrients for your body and make you feel independent. You don’t have to cook complicated dishes at first because you will be devastated and will give up on it for the rest of your life. Here are some tips to ease your way into the kitchen and introduce yourself to the world of cooking.

Grocery Shopping

Most people like shopping and gathering ingredients for their new adventure; it is the fun part that we all enjoy. You should figure out what you want to eat and make a list of the sauces and spices that you will need. However, you need to stay on budget and pick only the necessities because you need to save money for the main course. Also, if you don’t know what brands to buy, you can ask a friend to guide you and make shopping more entertaining.

Search for Recipes

It will be hard to improvise at first, so you will need to follow a recipe. There are a lot of cooking shows that people were raised on. Nowadays, food bloggers are on every social media platform. Your head will spin from the number of recipes available and you will end up feeling overwhelmed. You need to think about what kind of food you want to eat and look for the blog with the best reviews to follow.

Moreover, the equipment you have is important because each recipe needs different kinds of pots or pans. We tend to copy our mothers, so if we used to watch her cook in an instant pot, we will start searching for ways to use it. In that case, it may be your lucky day if you come across this page which opens a door for you and teaches you how to prepare your meals using the instant pot. For a moment there, you may stop feeling lost and eat food that tastes like nostalgia.

Learn the Basics

There are basic methods that you need to familiarize yourself with and apply in your kitchen. Most food will need to be prepared in different ways before adding sauces or spices to them. So, we are going to put you at the beginning of the road to make it less confusing.


Chicken or meat can be cooked by being immersed in hot water for a certain amount of time. If you want to have a stew, blanching is the way to go. The difference between a stew and soup is that soup is made if the food is soaked for a short amount of time.

Roasting and Steaming

You don’t have to do anything other than keep the food inside the oven in hot air. While steaming, surround the pan with hot water vapor which is great for vegetables.


This is a chef’s trick to make whatever you eat taste like heaven. Salt and pepper should be your best friends in the kitchen. It is advisable to use freshly-ground pepper for the ultimate taste. You can go wild with the seasoning when you get the hang of it.

Ask for Help

Grandmothers are the ultimate cooking guides. They used to write their experiences cooking in their notebooks long before blogging. Never hesitate to give them a call and ask for tips. Also, you won’t find a better person to call when you lose your patience other than your mother.

Be Organized

Cooking is a headache on its own when you are just starting out. That’s why you need to keep everything organized and wash the dishes that you use as soon as you are done with them. Also, avoid spilling sauces on the floor because it will make your job a lot harder. It’s best to cook in a clean and peaceful environment.


There is a different kind of glory in being able to cook your meals. Even if you have been self-dependent for a long time, after eating what you have made, you will realize that you reached a new level of self-sufficiency. It is not hard to get started, especially if you are following a recipe. Try out different things until you find what suits you.


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