What “Vegan Medical Marijuana” Means To You

Vegans might know why they seek out vegan medical marijuana, but others may not understand some patients’ need for vegan weed. There are several reasons why vegans look to dispensaries to provide vegan marijuana, all of which fit in with a vegan’s lifestyle pledge to do as little harm as possible to beings who share the earth with us.

Vegan Medical Marijuana Instead of Pharmaceuticals

FDA regulations state that all new drugs need to go through clinical trials. Due to the animal experimentation that’s required in clinical trials, vegans try to stay away from using pharmaceutical drugs unless medically necessary to preserve life. You might be surprised to find out that most drug tests conducted on animals are not effective in proving safety or harm on humans. In fact, there’s only a 5 to 25% correlation between animal and human results, which means that animal testing is dangerously unreliable. Medical marijuana offers an alternative to vegans who need something for pain relief and even treatment of many diseases, and want to keep animals out of the equation. But, only if it’s vegan marijuana.

What is Vegan Medical Marijuana?

Vegan medical marijuana is marijuana that has never been tested on animals, but furthermore, it is not grown using animal products. When a farmer grows vegan marijuana, crops are cultivated with animal-free nutrients that are tilled into the soil to provide sustenance to marijuana plants. Many of these farmers use fermented plant solubles to enrich soil. When opting for vegan marijuana, it’s important to ask about the source of the weed, because some growers will use synthetic chemicals to fertilize soil. This may be better for the animals, but it’s not good for human health.

Today’s consumers want to know what they’re buying, where it came from, and the effect that their purchases have on the earth’s inhabitants. That’s why Green Door West is happy to provide transparency when it comes to all of our marijuana products, including our vegan medical marijuana products. We offer vegan medical marijuana delivery services that let patients get the best vegan medical marijuana, as well as peace of mind regarding their purchases.

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