What to Look for When Choosing Natural Hair Products?


Dull-looking or brittle hair may be the result of chemicals used in hair products. Choosing natural alternatives is the best way to maintain healthy hair. A lot of commercial brands now offer so-called “natural products” but they are not always straight in what these products contain. If you are looking to by natural hair products, there are a few things to factor in.

Your Hair

Thick or thin? Curly or straight? The first thing to consider is your own hair’s specific characteristics. Porosity, hair type, and texture need to be weighed in when choosing natural products. You also need to consider your hair’s health. If you are unsure of any of these factors, ask your stylist. Cel has a great range of hair products for every hair type.


Different seasons need different hair products. While a shampoo that you used during the summer was great to protect your hair from sun exposure, it may not help moisturize properly during a dry winter.

Choosing a Shampoo

Natural shampoos have fewer ingredients. Focus on those in which natural ingredients such as argan or coconut oil are present, and stay away from sulfates. While sulfates are added to shampoo to help clean hair, they can also significantly dry it. Some commercial brands even add harmful hormones to their shampoos, so keep an eye on those. If you want a shampoo for daily usage, look for lighter formulas that are easy to rinse and produce less build-up.


The most important thing to understand about conditioners is that they should help lock in moisture and add protein. Deep conditioners should only be used periodically. According to your hair type, you may prefer a leave-in or a rinse-out conditioner. It will depend on your scalp and moisturizing needs. If your hair is oily, the better option is rinse-out conditioners. Usually, it’s best to avoid conditioners that coat the hair, such as silicones. Prefer those that contain fatty alcohols and humectants at a lower level.

Hair Gel

One benefit of natural hair gel is less or non-flaking. Flakes usually happen as a result of the combination of hair gel with previous hair products, such as hair conditioner. If you are planning on using hair gel, prefer a rinse-out conditioner. Other recommendations, such as a formula rich in natural oils and low on chemicals, also apply to hair gel.

Understanding Labels

Most manufacturers are obliged by law to list all the ingredients they use, but some find ways to hide the truth. The first thing to look for is the amount of water, that should always remain between 50 and 80 percent of the total weight. Most companies will try to keep chemicals down to the bottom of the list. Also, some claim to have added essential oils, but they will only add a very small amount and a lot of scents, so verify percentages in the ingredient list. A very small variation in ingredients can translate into dramatically different results.

What About Organics?

There is ample discussion about the benefits of organic products. However, in the hair care industry, organic does not always mean better. Some may use ingredients that come from natural sources but are then chemically or synthetically modified, so they can no longer be branded as organic. Organic alternatives usually substitute synthetically modified agents with natural alternatives such as honey or corn starch. The problem is, natural agents are not as effective in removing pollutants or grime from your hair.

Proper Usage is Also Important

Some shampoos, conditioners or other hair products are intended for periodical use. Others are best to use on a daily basis. Carefully read instruction labels and apply products as recommended. Using too much or too little of a certain product can drastically change its effectiveness. For example, some conditioners should never be used around hair roots, as they may clog pores. Others are to be massaged into the scalp for better results. If you have doubts, ask your stylist as they may give you valuable tips.

Natural hair products are great in keeping your hair healthy and shiny, but other factors as a healthy diet, reducing stress levels and avoiding habits such as binge drinking or smoking play a very important part too. Healthy hair is a mirror to a healthy body.



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