What To Do On A Luxury Bali Vacation


Bali is a vibrant and diverse tropical paradise — a tourist hotspot during the summer months, and for a good reason. With hundreds of destinations packed into a single island along with the friendliest locals and a social scene like no other, the island tempts you to stay forever.

While most people believe that beachy vacations are no more than under-the-sun retreats, you will be surprised by how much you can do in Bali.

What sets the tourist-dense island apart from others is its penchant for luxury. You can easily find a pool villa in Bali or even coveted spas as you immerse yourself in the local culture. There is no end to the array of upscale treats along with more adventurous activities.

Whether you’re visiting alone or with your best friends and family, here are the things you should not miss on a luxury trip to Bali.

Relax In A Spa

Spa treatments are usually occasional treats, but Bali’s low-cost outlook on luxury will make you want to go every day. You can experience some of the most high-tech Sybaritic spas to full-body massages by hand all over the island — choose whichever you prefer and relax with the most beautiful view. Ubud houses an array of wellness centres that will tempt you to relax and take it easy. A paradise vacation is all about giving yourself a physical and mental break, after all.

What sets Bali’s luxury spas apart is that they are in some of the most enchanting spots around the island. You will find everything from riverside spas to caverns carved with mythical stones. And if you prefer a more contemporary dose of indulgence, then modern spas with jacuzzis and cocktails on the side will keep you in a state of bliss.

Live Like Royalty

Bali is known for its favorite choice of accommodation: villas. Unlike tropics in other parts of the world that offer sky-high hotels, this escape will most likely entail an architecturally unique pool villa in Bali that has high-end amenities. Like royalty, you can melt in a cloud of luxurious bedding, enjoy an internationally-acclaimed gastronomic spread for every meal of the day, and release your energy on social nights at the bar.

Villas are magnificent because renting one gives you the entire space to enjoy. You can share the place with a large travel group and still have plenty of room left to lounge around. It’s the ultimate set-up for a trip to de-stress after months of hard work.

Do Yoga

Any tropical escape is incomplete without an element of zen, and Bali is no exception. There are a plethora of yoga studios around the island where you can get in some Ashtanga, Kundalini, or even Bhakti practice. A tip is to head over to Seminyak for more modern classes, while you can find culturally-forward and traditional classes in Ubud.

Apart from getting the opportunity to learn from some of the best yogis in the world, you can do so with breathtaking views of Balinese sunsets, waterfalls, and other natural wonders.

Visit The Hot Springs

Bali’s hot springs are some of the most underrated destinations. They are indulgent, breathtaking, and an excellent source of wellness for a well-deserved physical and mental relief. The island offers options that range from garden landscapes to oceanside springs, all of which can give you the most luxurious remedies.

Visiting Bali is not just about riding its immaculate waves, braving the jungles, or partying it out every night. Ultimately, the tropical abode is the definition of a luxury escape where you can release all your pent-up stress and take a daydream break from reality.


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