3 Reasons Why Custom Frames Are the Best



Memories mean the world to most people. The first wedding photo as husband and wife, a family portrait, a graduation photo, a diploma, the ideal basketball shot, some cross-stitched needlework, and a child’s first written word on paper are just some prized collections. If your house has a blank wall or two, portraits with custom frames may be the best decorations on them.

Framed pictures and art are underestimations when it comes to house decors. It brings a happy vibe to those who see it, and there are other benefits too.


Putting your memorable photos and artwork under a custom frame is okay. But these on a wall or a shelf bring more life and colour to a home. It also takes people back to happier days and shows a personality that not all homes possess. Guests who come to visit see these custom frames and are transported to when the memory took place. When done correctly, the frames themselves are artwork on their own. Using these as decorations make the room look polished, classy, and brings out a piece of the character of the homeowner. It also shows everyone who is at the centre of your home – you and your family.

Protection and Physical Preservation

Do you want your printed memories to be corroded, bored with holes, and yellowed? It might be some of the problems you can encounter if a photo has been in existence long before you were born. The acidity of a photo or regular paper causes discolouration and breakdown of both ink and material. Even natural light adds to the humidity within the picture. Acid-free, high-grade matting and frame material protect your prized possession from unavoidable elements. It keeps it in almost-perfect condition.

Aside from dust and weather elements, there is also a chance for book mites to appear due to surface mould. Worse than the paper-parasites are silverfish infestations that feed and make holes on photographs, starchy paper, fabric, and anything with glue in them. Frames prevent that from happening.

Also, it is so easy to see new memories via phone technology. You take a picture with your phone all the time. But there is a risk of accidentally erasing it. Putting a photo on print in a frame lessens the chance of you losing it permanently.


It is a fact that there are frames that are do-it-yourself or readily-made already. But if you have a coloured theme for your room, then most of the frames in the stores are probably not to your liking. Standard frame sizes might not be a perfect fit for your photo or art. It might even be a bit off from what you envision it to be. And pre-fabricated frames will not let your pictures stand out in the middle of the room because it does not highlight it with the proper frame material.

Also, having it customized and done by art and framing experts can lengthen the life of your frame by using materials that even an archivist would love. Acrylic glass with a UV-protected glaze and foam with acid-free backing keeps your photos safe and sound. The frame professionals can suggest the best resources to preserve the life of your pictures.

Framing is an essential aspect of keeping a part of your history intact. So frame your photos and artwork now to make them last for more than a lifetime.


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