What if life is about being happy?

Balancing Acts

Life can be seen as a juggling act, but the key is seeing it from another perspective.  What if life is about being happy?  What if we are supposed to learn lessons?  This is a quick way to change how you see your life unfolding.  It allows you to release the stress you’ve piled on.  If your relationship is important, then you will do what it takes to make it work.  That’s a no brainer.  If you’re not willing to do that, then the truth is your relationship isn’t valuable enough to you.

Sometimes we tend to look at our lives from the same viewpoint every day or from the beliefs of others.  We need to change that and come at things from another angle.  We need to decide what is valuable to us.  What are your “must haves” to be really happy?  Is it really the career or the six figure income or the degrees?  Could it be something different?  I can’t answer those questions, but you can.  Don’t let the drama take over.  Don’t let well intended family or friends make the choice for you.  This is about you and your personal wants out of life.

Consider your internal happy meter.  What causes you to be so excited and happy that you might pee in your pants?  Is it the relationship, your career, or other things?  This is what you should be using as your gauge.  See where the next step can take you.  Don’t be afraid to take a leap in a different direction because you’ll never know where you could land.  Think of life as opportunities to grow instead of a balancing act.  You’ll thrive, grow, and reach your dreams a lot faster that way.




About Lisa Angelo

Lisa Lisa Angelo self published her first romance novel called “Awakening to Love” in February, 2015 with Balboa Press publishing house.  She is a student of human behavior and has been empowering her friends over the years.  She believes it’s easier to coach people through entertaining stories, so they can learn in their own way.  You can learn more at her website:  www.lisaangeloauthor.com.