What Do I Do After Having Three Crashes in Three Years?

In the state of Florida, being convicted of causing three automobile accidents over a period of 36 months results in having to fulfill requirements based on Section 322.0261(1)(c) of the Florida Statutes. If you have just been in three crashes but were not found to be at fault in one of them, then you are not obligated to accomplish the tasks associated with the three crashes in three years policy. If you have received a conviction for this offense, you are facing the possibility of the cancellation of your driver’s license. The Florida Statutes state the stipulations under which you may be able to maintain your driving privileges.

Three Tasks, 90 Days

In order to keep your license, you have 90 days from the date of conviction to accomplish three tasks. Failure to fulfill these requirements from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within 90 days of the conviction will result in the cancellation of your license. Your license and driving privileges will not be reinstated until you successfully complete each requirement.

  • Receive instruction from a licensed commercial driving school behind the wheel for four hours.
  • Complete an FLHSMV approved Florida 12 hour ADI course.
  • Take an extended road test with a tax collector licensing agent or driver license examiner and pass.

These requirements also apply to those who do not contest the charge of three crashes in three years. Prior to securing your license, these steps ensure that you have the knowledge and ability to prevent future accidents with more careful conduct on the road. If you surpass the three crashes in three years, you will likely face these requirements in addition to others.

Reports to FLHSMV and the Court

The FLHSMV requires electronic confirmation of your completion of an approved advanced driver improvement course since they do not accept printed certificates. Luckily, any approved providers of such courses should automatically send notification of your completion to the FLHSMV when you successfully finish the course. However, you are still responsible to report back to the court in which you were convicted. You must provide the court with documentation of your completion of the approved courses and the extended road test.

Keeping up with all of the dates and details in a situation like a “three crashes in three years conviction” can be difficult and confusing. Make sure you know when your documents are due to the court and FLHSMV so that you can complete your tasks on time and avoid losing your license, even if only temporarily.

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