What are the very basic points which people need to know about interval notation?


In the world of mathematics, the term interval very well represents the range of numbers between any two given numbers and the interval notation can be represented into different kinds of metals. Some of the basic notations are explained as:


  • The closed interval: This particular concept can be perfectly presented with the help of square brackets and in this particular case and points will also be included.
  • Open interval: It will be represented with the help of open brackets and the ends will never be included in this particular system.
  • Half-open interval: It will be represented with the help of different brackets for example including both of the above-mentioned options. The endpoint will always be included but there will be only one endpoint in this particular case.



Whenever people need to be clear about the concept of numbers then learning about numbers is very much important because several kinds of numbers have to be taken into consideration by the people in the whole process. The interval notation is considered to be the comprehensive process of finding the number on the number line without taking out every number of the number line. For example, let a number is Y and Y will be greater than five. So, on the other number line, people can very easily write it as Y = 5, infinity. This will particularly mean that the number is present between number five and the nth number which will be the infinity in this particular case. In very simple words people can efficiently say that intervals are considered to be the set of real numbers that will be lying between the number line and the notifying it will be known as the interval notation. This will be including different types of subsets of the numbers between the number line and there will be no problem at any point in time for the kids to understand this particular system. Being clear about different types of notations as explained above is very much vital for the kids so that they can have a clear-cut idea about the whole thing without any kind of problem.


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