What Are the Correct Ways to Sanitize and Keep Clean?


Staying safe and staying clean has never been more important than it is now. Current world events are showing how important hygiene and being sanitary is for society as a whole, and us on a personal level. This is why it is necessary to be informed and educated on how to stay safe with our cleaning regiments.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are misinformed on how to keep their home and family clean. Another important thing to remember is that we want to help keep others safe by being hygienic as well. Here are some of the correct ways you can keep clean and sanitized.

Washing Your Fruits and Vegetables


 After a trip to the grocery store, you should think twice before cutting into that tomato. Some people dismiss washing your fruits and vegetables before eating them, but it does a lot of good to prep your food correctly. Not only is there the chance that others have been touching your groceries before you took them home, but pesticide or insect residue can be left behind. For apples, you can help rid a bit of that wax taste with a quick little scrub too. Water and soap are fine, but there are specific soaps for food that can do wonders in your kitchen.

Sanitizing Your Hands

Who knew hand sanitizer would become one of the hottest trends and products of the year? Even so, people have been sanitizing their hands for years before, which is good. What they do not know is that it actually might not be as good for them as they think. According to the experts at www.totallypure.com, the proper use of hand sanitizers should be following FDA or CDC guidelines. Many store brands can end up being low on alcohol percentage which means it is less effective in fighting bacteria and germs too. Next time you pick out a bottle of hand sanitizer, be attentive to the labels and ingredients to ensure it is effective.

Germ-Free Etiquette

Bacteria are everywhere, and most of them are good for us. We eat bacteria, breathe it in, and our bodies are covered in it as most bacteria have a role to play in our bodies and the environment. When it comes to allergens, viruses, or harmful bacteria, it can be found everywhere as well. Luckily, our body’s immune system is a very complex series of functions that keep us safe, but even while out in public we need to remember to cough or sneeze into our elbows and avoid touching our faces. Just because hand sanitizer, soap, and avoiding touching too many things can reduce the risk, it does not mean we should be unaware of keeping others safe as well.

Deep Cleaning Your House


Making sure your family is clean and protected from harmful bacteria is important. That is why a good old fashioned deep clean should be on your to-do list. If you have never done a deep clean, all that it means is to thoroughly clean your home. When you do some chores around the house you sweep, mop, scrub down the bathroom, and wipe down the kitchen. These are all part of a deep clean, but it goes beyond that. Washing sheets, pillow covers, cleaning out the couch, vacuuming under rugs, and cleaning rugs are how you can ensure that a deep clean is successful and to make your home safer and more appealing.

Masks and Preventative Measures

Another surprising trend that would have seemed crazy to think of last year is masks and similar preventative measures. While mask use has become quite a hot topic, it is important to feel safe and protected while out in public. The use of masks varies on what kind and most health experts recommend surgical masks or N95 respirators. Other measures that can be taken if you so choose include latex gloves to prevent surface-to-skin contact with any bacteria and the like. It is not for everyone, but it is important to know what does and does not work. Cloth usually does not stop much so using scarves or bandanas is not as effective.

Being safe, sanitized, and clean is something we should always be striving for, today for more so than ever, but even in our daily lives, we need to be considerate of others too. Making sure to wash our hands properly, knowing what to look for in hand sanitizers, and other techniques to stay safe is so valuable and allows us to continue living our lives happily and protect those we love.


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