What are the Advantages of Owning Automatic Knives?


Ever since the dawn of humanity, people relied on different tools and devices to get around and make their lives easier. Just take a look at the role mobile devices play in our lives. Try to imagine a single day without this tool to help you with daily chores. Still, as useful as these digital devices are, they can’t really help you when you need to roll up your sleeves and get some real work done. So, what do you need when life forces you to go back to basics and find your way out of countless situations that usually require dozens of different tools? How about a simple automatic knife? Let us take a look at a couple of arguments why this simple object can prove to be a real lifesaver.

A variety of different household applications

Granted, knives are usually made for cutting, and, rest assured, switchblade units are more than capable of performing this basic purpose. But, you know how they say – when the emergency arises the best tool to use is the one you have at hand. And looking at things from this perspective a regular automatic knife can perform an impressive array of purposes like replacing screwdrivers, opening cans, removing staples, carving, making drainage holes, and more. And all these things easily fit into your back pocket.

A great self-defense weapon

We are living in very troubling times that force some people to make desperate moves. With things as they are, we need to make sure we are capable of protecting ourselves if we stumble into some troubling situation. Keeping that in mind, a switchblade does make an excellent, small, lightweight, and incredibly durable self-defense weapon that is perfectly legal in most areas. But, most importantly the weapons like automatic knives also serve as an excellent deterrent meaning you won’t really have to use them.

An essential tool for outdoor adventures

When making the list of items you should bring to an outdoor adventure, people usually put automatic knives in the number one spot. And to be quite honest, durable OTF knives do make an excellent travel companion capable of cutting ropes, digging holes, carving wood, casual hunting, and lifesaving tasks. So, if you are an active person that likes spending time outdoors, make this purchase the number one priority. If not, keep one in your backpack just in case. You never know what life can throw in front of you.

An excellent long-term investment

Everything we have mentioned above paints a picture of small automatic knives as very useful tools you should always carry around. Well, we would like to point out that these blades are not only applicable but also very affordable which turns them from a good idea into an excellent investment. In most cases, OTF blades can be found for no more than 200 bucks. Take into account that, with proper maintenance and regular sharpening, they can last a lifetime and you will get an offer very hard to say no to.

Incredibly safe to use

Using any tool used for cutting always asks for a certain level of caution. But, even if we take this fact into account, we will see that automatic knives are safer than other options you have at your disposal which, in turn, makes them a much better purchase. Unlike units you can buy for a similar price, the OTF knife keeps its blade safely stored away when not in use. And unlike folding knives, you don’t need to pull the blade out manually. So, the chances of something going wrong are kept at the bare minimum.

Tremendous durability

In one of the previous sections, we mentioned that proper care can help automatic knives to last practically indefinitely. For the very end, though, we would like to point out that you really won’t have to invest a tremendous amount of work in this regard. Automatic knives are tough little fellas and they can take a lot of abuse before asking you to take care of them. The list of materials it will cut through in the meantime is so impressive that the effort you need to put into maintenance pales in comparison.

We hope these couple of examples gave you a general idea of why owning an automatic knife simply makes a good idea worth putting money into. Sure, we are living in the digital age where our lives have become so tech-centric that situations that require genuine resourcefulness and applicable skills can easily catch us off guard. An automatic knife won’t solve all these problems in a blink of an eye but it makes an incredibly useful companion to have around.