What are Some Alternatives to Vertical Blinds


Custom vertical blinds are long lasting, painless to install, and they cost fairly much less. Maybe this is why people choose them. However, many people believe that they are tedious, but a few say that “select blinds” offer a classy feel. Now, the price tag of class, we might just be designing our home lackluster. You better consider the alternatives below.

Alternatives to Custom Vertical Blinds

Not too long ago, the alternate options to vertical blinds were constrained. Now, we have got a variety of alternatives to choose from. I am going to list some modern options, which can add style to your house.

Net Window Curtains

They’re made from transparent fabric. They’re also known as sheer blinds.

It allows a maximum way of light to come in while obstructing the Ultra violet rays. In the daytime, you can easily see through these window curtains, due to their transparent design.

They’re also known as privacy window curtains since you can easily see through these curtains if you are inside the home, and not the opposite way around. They offer temp insulation too.

Vertical Soft Shadings

They are generally one of the greatest options because they give you a great combo of the custom vertical blinds and the net curtains. They have privacy attributes. They can also work as vertical blinds. You can easily move these blinds to one side. Its voile is a breeze to clean. And everything comes at a reasonable cost too.

Weaved Wood Sliding Panels

It is best to choose these in case you have large windows if you wish to cover the outdoor patio, or you are thinking about creating a partition in your room, they will offer a fascinating feel to the home. They’re not difficult to install; they have sliding features too.

Therefore, if you want a clear view, you can easily move them to one side. The wooden look of your home furniture can be increased by using them. They’re usually made from bamboo sheets. These types of panels purify the light and prevent the damaging glares of the sun’s rays from coming in.

Roman Blinds

These types of blinds can give a classy look to the window. The lightweight material should be chosen in Roman Blinds. You can even add curtains. Different types of Roman Blinds are available, so you’ll also have a great selection to choose from.

Thermal Shades

They offer perfect insulation from high temperature. They have the power to stop noise to some extent too. This particular feature can help you if you reside in an area vulnerable to continuous traffic, by keeping the disturbance from the traffic outside. There is a central aluminum foil which reflects the high temperature in the summer season and the cold wind gusts in the winter. Hence, it can save you some of the electricity that you use for air conditioning in summers, and it’ll also help to reduce the electricity requirement for warming your living space in the winter seasons.


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