What are essentials for the kitchen?


From your favorite celebrity chef’s cooking sets to kitchen websites recommendations, we’re finding it hard to keep up with the never-ending list of kitchen must-haves. If you’ve attempted to purchase kitchenware for your home, then you know what we’re talking about, so many choices and loads of decisions to make- and don’t even get us started on the budget. Thoughtlessly adding to your cart is a slippery slope when it comes to kitchen essentials, especially when putting together your kitchen plethora from scratch. But, amidst all the aggressive kitchen infomercials and promo, weeding out the junk from essentials is by far the only rational approach to stocking up your kitchen items. So, to save you the hassle, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the kitchen can’t-do without items.

Seven essential kitchen equipment for your home

You’ve probably peered through a couple of kitchen essential lists by now, and you’re leaning towards a few. First, however, we’d like you to block out all that noise and scrape off every must-have kitchen equipment you’ve ever come across for a second and take a look at these seven picks.

Pots and pans

Every great throw-down starts with a good set of pots and pans; think about it, the morning pancakes, tasty pasta, creamy soups, and delicious enchiladas all start with these big boys. So prioritize investing in a few pots and pans for your kitchen, depending on your needs and preference. Although we vouch for a variation in size for cooking pots, weigh in the portion of your home-cooked meals to find the perfect set for your kitchen. And if granite and non-stick pans aren’t your style, consider getting the garcima paella pan; this stainless-steel addition is durable, toxin-free, and easy to maintain, guaranteeing you years of use.

Basic utensils

Scour around for quality utensils; these are a huge necessity for any home. Strict budget or not, utensils are some of the most affordable items you can check off your essentials list. So throw in some silicon spatulas, tongs, ice-cream scoops, measuring cups, and spoons into your cart. List down your everyday use utensils and go on a hunt for equipment that matches your kitchen’s demands in terms of material, durability, color, etcetera.

Baking starter packs

If you’re anything like the rest of us, then the quarantine has had you whisking away. However, if baking isn’t your jam, don’t sweat it; we’re convinced that gleamy pans in your cabinet will motivate you to pull out those holiday-favorite recipes. Baking equipment is essential for every kitchen, and we’re not talking about getting an entire bakery start-up package- just the basics. Shop around for baking pans, mixing bowls, rolling pins, and a good quality mixer, and you’re off to a good start. Remember to customize your baking list based on your needs.

Cutlery set

Whether you’re down for an excellent throw-down session or take-out, cutlery is a kitchen must-have for every household. Take a trip to your favorite local store and pick out 24-piece cutlery set for your day-to-day use. With your dinner table cutlery set out of the way, we’d like to steer your attention away from the forks and spoons for a moment to another life essential; knives. If your budget is not cut out for an all-around knife set, we suggest getting three for starters-a serrated, paring, and the good old 8-inch chef’s knife. The chef’s knife will get you through 90% of your meal prepping, whereas the serrated knife and paring knives will handle the bread and delicate cuts, respectively.

Food Storage Ware

Storage containers are a lifesaver. From food preservation to microwaving and condiments storage; food containers will serve you in more than one way. Get yourself a food storage ware set that is microwave and dishwasher safe; we also advise going for leak-proof and airtight pieces to preserve freshness. What’s more, storage ware is marginally affordable, so your pockets won’t hurt for this one.


Imagine washing up those veggies without a colander, or worse, cooking pasta without this dime- it sounds like a whole mess. Include a heavy-duty kitchen colander on your essentials list for liquid-based food draining like canned beans and pasta, as well as an effortless vegetable washing experience in your kitchen- you’ll thank us for it.


We can’t stress this enough, get that blender! Buying a quality blender is an excellent investment for your kitchen, and we’ll tell you why- convenience. Blenders make your meals, and food preps effortless and next-level impressive. We don’t know about you, but smooth pureed soups, creamy vinaigrette, and ultra-consistent smoothies would have us sold any day. And if you’re not feeling the bulky blenders, immersion blenders are a super lightweight alternative that works perfectly for a space-conscious kitchen.


Buying kitchen essentials is a daunting task; where do you even begin? With so many brands to choose from and items to check off your life essentials list, you’re bound to get anxious, especially when you’re assembling all those items from scratch. While some are lucky enough to have a kitchen budget allocated for a significant haul, the other half has to gradually build their kitchen collection, which is why an essential list is crucial. Having your kitchen equipment listed in order of priority, functionality, and needs will save you lots of money and time as well. Happy shopping!