Welcoming Theater Back to Westchester

My friend and neighbor Marci Stearns is playing one of the leads, “Helen Bradshaw”in A Red Bloom.

A Red Bloom in Winter juxtaposes the resurgence of feminism that took place in the early ’60s

sparked by the impact of the book The Feminine Mystique through the lives of three women in
Battle Creek, Michigan with the simultaneous shock of a savage murder of a woman within the
community. Along with the examination of key individuals as possible suspects in the crime, the
impact of the murder profoundly affects Helen, who spirals into a vortex of uncertainty,
encountering her own precarious identity, potential psychosis in her visions of the murdered
woman, and eventual discovery of what it means for a woman to claim her own power.
Note: This play, while a work of fiction, is partially based on the real-life murder of Daisy Zick
in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1963.
Staged readings may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  We have our scripts in hand.  No sets, far less rehearsal than a fully staged play, and minimal costumes. Staged readings are a way to get a Playwright’s work out into the public eye to see where it goes from there.  It’s a well-written script lightly based on a real-life murder.
If you’d like to join us – we’d love to have you to come and WELCOME THEATER BACK TO WESTCHESTER!

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