Welcome Spring with a Broken Flower Cocktail!

Spring is here! As the sun warms us after a cold winter and beauty abounds in bright colors and blossoming flowers, refreshing flavors are a must.

What better way to celebrate the new season than with a cocktail that will get your taste buds on the fast track towards summer?

Broken Shed is the key ingredient in the Broken Flower, a luscious and light libation that is full of floral notes.

broken  Flower

.Broken Shed Vodka arrived in the US in June and has been delighting with its creamy, smooth characteristics.

Thought up in a bruised-up shed on the shore of beautiful Lake Wanaka with the help of two Connecticut expats, Broken Shed speaks to the purland from which it comes, made from natural spring water native to both the North and South islands. 

Completely free of additives, Broken Shed Vodka is created with whey (which comes from milk production) and is distilled 4 times.