We buy houses, and we pay cash!



At Highest Cash Offer, we guarantee and take pride in our slogan of “The easiest way to sell your home fast.”. We are a thriving real estate solutions company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, growing across the nation with our network of affiliates and private investors.

Although we take pride in the success that we have had in the real estate business in our great State of Arizona, we are based in multiple major cities in the United States, and our network is growing fast! In case you wanted to know if we would be interested in buying a home in Texas, Florida, Georgia, or Colorado, the answer is YES! The fastest way to find out is to give us a call at (888)-387-5750. Here is a list of the popular areas we purchase homes in:

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Houston, TX
  3. Charlotte, NC
  4. Phoenix, AZ
  5. Las Vegas. NV
  6. Denver, CO
  7. Memphis, TN
  8. St Paul, MN
  9. Minneapolis, MN


Why do we buy houses?


Buying houses from customers looking for the most convenient way to sell their house in the fastest time frame drives our success. Our team works with you to learn more about your property and your needs. This consultation process allows our team of experts to underwrite a fair cash offer based on the property’s house and property condition’s current market value. We are flexible and will facilitate any specific challenges that might exist before you can sell your home. We can often adjust this into our offer. You can rest assured that when we do business, we pay cash, we do it fast, without any fees, lengthy time delays,  and we buy your house in the condition that it is in before you submit your info to HBR. Our goal is to make the process as convenient, streamlined, and trouble-free as possible. The circumstances of leading a person to sell their home can often be stressful. We want to help you minimize the hassle.

We will be personally involved with our customers, close fast, pay your closing costs, and avoid the brokers and banks’ listings. We make quick offers, we buy as-is, and we pay cash!




What are some of the situations in which our clients sell us houses?


Since we operate in multiple metropolitan and residential areas across the country, we have the opportunity to serve customers with many different requirements. Many customers that want to sell us their home are usually either relocating or are selling their home due to financial challenges and may decide to sell us their home to avoid foreclosures.

After being in the home buying business over a period, our customers have told us many different reasons for selling their homes to us. Customers may often be selling a house they inherited after the death of a loved one. They are often liquidating assets and are trying to minimize the impact of a financial investment gone wrong and prevent foreclosure. They would often like to expedite selling their home by avoiding realtors, banks, and the middleman. Business like ours really helps when you need to sell your house fast and want cash.



Do we buy houses in Texas?


We at Highest Cash Offer are proud to operate and serve our customers in the Lone Star state of Texas. We currently buy houses in Texas in over 35 major counties in the State. This includes the major metropolitan areas that are a part of Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

If you are interested in selling us your Texas home or just like to get some information or advice, it is easy! You can do it all in four simple steps:


  1. Contact us
  2. Meet with us at your home
  3. Close on your terms
  4. Get paid in cash


We are a real estate company that buys houses for cash. We buy houses in any condition, any price range, anywhere in the US, including Texas.


At Highest Cash Offer, we understand that every client’s situation, requirements, and reasons for selling their home are unique. We personalize our plan, streamline the home selling experience by facilitating our customers and work with them to overcome any potential barriers that may hinder an expedited and fair home sale. We will make sure that we are the best buyer to sell your home to, do it on your terms, do it fast, and pay a fair cash price.


Should you sell us your Texas home?


2020 the year of the pandemic, has been a strange one, and nothing appears to be or feels normal this year. The real estate market is in new territory this year because market forces, the supply of homes, and consumers’ demands are changing. This pandemic certainly has brought new strategies and techniques in the real-estate world.


The looming issue of uncertainty and fears of the pandemic has also changed homeowner behavior for both those selling and those willing to buy. Overall, it is hard to predict real estate while the pandemic is here. Due to the low supply of homes and an increase in demand by those interested in purchasing homes, it has resulted in a favorable market to sell and buy a home in Texas. If you are already expecting to face financial hardship or foresee difficult circumstances in the future, this may be an ideal time to sell your home. Give us a call to discuss your specific situation to help you make an informed decision. We offer this service for free and with no obligation to sell to us. However, suppose you do decide to use our services and sell your house to us. In that case, we can make sure that we do our best to close fast, give you a fair price and take away the hustle of dealing with housing repair, realtors, listings, fees, and long waiting times it often takes to sell a home. Give us a call at (888)-387-5750.


We would love to understand your situation and help you walk away from your home faster and with the best outcome possible as you consider selling us your home in Texas.

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