More Ways to Drink More Water


In the past, I’ve done a terrible job of staying hydrated. There were days when I’d been so preoccupied with whatever nonsense  that I went the whole day without anything to drink!  Yes,  I always drink my coffee in the morning and have been known to sip a cocktail or two in the eveming but those don’t count toward hydration  (And I wondered why I awoke some mornings with a huge headache!) When I did reach for liquids, I usually went for hot teas, fruit-flavored or sweetened iced teas, juices or electrolyte drinks. Then I looked at the sugar content of these drinks and was mortified! I certainly do not need the extra calories on just drinks.

So, I added “drinking more water” as one of my New Year resolutions and have taken small steps to make achieve my goal. I bought a  32-oz BPA-free water bottle and I fill it up first thing in the morning. Never out of sight or out of mind, it’s a constant reminder of my goal. I consider it a great day if I finish two full bottles of water.

I’m doing much better with my water intake (yay!), but it can get a bit boring. It’s not that I don’t like the taste of water, but I want a little something to break the monotony. Going back to my sugary drinks is not an option, so I gave in to what my mom has been doing for years — putting cucumber or lemon in her water. I’ve had it before, and it always reminds me of being in a spa. It’s nice, cool and refreshing! I noticed that by adding them to my water, I tended to drink more of it. So, I decided to find recipes for naturally flavored waters or “spa waters.” My favorites are Lemon Strawberry Mint, Lemon Cucumber or just plain Lemon — since they are so readily accessible. With a little help from Pinterest, I found a few other great options:

Fruit + Herb Waters

Citrus Waters

Don’t expect these to be intense in flavor like flavored, enhanced, or vitamin water. These recipes are still just water with infused, subtle flavors. I find them quite refreshing and great thirst quenchers (and some have the added bonus of being able to detoxify our bodies)!  For now I use a regular BPA-free water bottle with a decent sized spout. My fruits stay relatively well in the bottle, but once in a while I get a mint leaf here and there. Some of my friends recommend a tritan infusion bottle or a glass infusion bottle when you’re on the go, and maybe an infusion pitcher when you’re at home. I also found this sustainable infusion bottle interesting.

The possibilities with fruits and herbs in water are endless! Summer is finally here. It’s the perfect time to experiment and try some of these refreshing waters. What is your favorite?  Do you have your own special recipe? Share them with me!

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