Want to hit the road? 5 tips for new drivers


Is there anything more exciting than getting your drivers’ license? Enjoying your first taste of independence and getting around without having to rely on your family or public transport, is something everyone wants; it gives us freedom and the confidence to do things for ourselves and have fun in the process!

However, before you can enjoy your freedom, you have to pass your driving test. A test which in itself can be extremely stressful. You also need to complete many hours of practice and training before you can go in for your final assessment, again a daunting prospect. Having a driving test is all about demonstrating that you’re competent behind the wheel and you can control the vehicle fully without putting yourself or other road users at risk. After all, the last thing you want is to be involved in a car accident – click here to read more about car accident crashes.

Your instructor will be able to provide you with plenty of tips, advice and guidance but is there anything else you should know before you get behind the wheel? Read on for 5 tips for new drivers.

Turn down (or switch off) the music

Of course, there’s nothing more exciting than driving along and creating your very own concert as you belt out your favorite tunes. However, if you’re an inexperienced driver or you’re not wholly confident yet – even after passing your test – you should turn down the music so you can give your full attention to the road ahead. Music, the radio and even podcasts can be incredibly distracting!

Don’t become the “taxi”

If you’re the first one of your friends to pass your test, then be mindful of friends and others taking advantage of your new skills. Some will put pressure on you to drive them around, provide a “taxi” service or run errands with them. If you’re carrying around a big group of your friends then you’re more likely to become distracted and put everyone’s life in danger. Not only that but it’ll cost you a fortune in gas – and not everyone will be happy to contribute to the cost!

Get some night driving practice

Many people pass their tests without ever experiencing driving at night. Driving in the dark is a wholly different experience, so if you don’t have much confidence or experience head out in your vehicle (with a competent and experienced friend) and practice as much as you can.

Get over your driving difficulties

If you’ve passed your test, yet there’s something you struggle with or you haven’t quite mastered such as a parallel park, then you can still have more lessons to iron out these little issues. Or practice, practice, practice!

Don’t drive when you’re overly emotional

An argument with your partner? Feeling angry at a friend? Or upset about some family news? If you’re feeling overly emotional then it’s best to avoid getting behind the wheel. Driving whilst angry or upset can be distracting and dangerous. Wait until you’ve calmed down before you hit the road.

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