Uplifting Music Video features downtown White Plains #BuildUpWhitePlains

Uplifting Music Video Social Distance features Downtown White Plains

Downtown White Plains set the stage for a new music video by local artists Joe Walden and Phil Went who have collaborated to create W2, a project centered around their creative passions. After many decades of friendship and musicianship, they have collectively amassed a number of musician friends around the world with whom they felt passionate about reconnecting and working together.

The arrival of COVID-19 proved to be a trigger to create their first single, Social Distance, an upbeat, hopeful song and hopefully the first of many original compositions that will feature the talent they have encountered in their lives. Social Distance, featuring two of their musician friends: former ‘They Might be Giants’ and ‘XTC’ drummer Brian Doherty, and New York session master Peter J. Blume on horns.

W2 shot their video to go with the new single on the streets of White Plains, NY in the midst of the lockdown. “It was a surreal experience to stand in the middle of once congested city streets with almost no one around…but this song is a message of hope and looks to brighter days ahead for all of us!” says the band.  Towards the end of the video, there is a garage parking lot sign that symbolically reads “Down and Out” or “Up,” and W2 chose to focus on “Up!”

Guitarist and songwriting partner Phil Went is also a professional photographer and videographer and created the video for Social Distance. About the song, Phil Went says, “Our only goal is to share the joy we experienced in creating this song and the relationships we are able to strengthen through these challenging times.”

Mayor Tom Roach said, “It is great to see downtown White Plains featured in this video by local artists Joe Walden and Phil Went. Their song captures a hopefulness in a difficult time and is a testament to the resilience of not only our residents but to our city as well.”

Brittany Brandwein, Executive Director of the White Plains BID says, “This creative collaboration is a testament to the local talent and strong spirit of our area. Downtown White Plains is continuing to build up and remains an inspiring place to live, dine, shop, and experience.”

The track is available to download and stream on all the major streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube. View their music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sahrLycSjbE