These Are The 5 Women’s Hair Trends To Look Out For

Feel like your hair needs an update? Something fresh and new to try out for the remainder of 2020? Luckily, we’ve got the answers, as there are several fantastic hair trends for women that will help to revitalize your image and act as a bright spot in an otherwise fairly crummy year for the world. From hair care to styling to coloring, here are the women’s hair trends you need to know about right now.

Caring for the scalp

While scalp care might not be the most exciting trend, it is nevertheless incredibly important and worthwhile to know. Many women think about their hair and how to improve it, but the scalp is where it all starts, so a lot of attention needs to be on this part of the head! If you can keep your scalp healthy and free from flakes and grease, then your hair will feel great and be so much better-looking. DIY hair masks once a week are a great start and so to is choosing a shampoo that is gentle on the scalp and doesn’t strip away all the natural oils our hair craves.

Sun-kissed hair

Many women love their hair to have the feeling of being slightly sun kissed, which is sometimes called “holiday hair.” As vacations aren’t as easy to take this year, many women are getting that lighter color and natural brightness that looks so wonderful via balayage and bronde techniques but also highlights in the hair that are so easy to do at home and add real texture.

Unique colors

Choosing between going light or dark might have been the decision to make with regards to your hair color several years ago, but nowadays, women have far more choice and are loving it. From purple to blue to silver and everything in-between, bold and bright color options are on display and inspiring others to also be adventurous. Most of these colors are semi-permanent, so there’s less stress on dealing with permanent color that you may not enjoy

Natural hair

Women are accepting their natural hair textures and colors more than ever, as due to necessity, haven’t had the chance to change their hair much this year. However, whether it’s curly or frizzy textures, women are happy with how their hair looks naturally and relying less on hair styling products and tools to shape it in different ways. Does your hair just not lie flat? Then don’t force it that way but embrace the curls and volume! Plus, it’s so much easier and quicker in the morning when there is less to do for your hair.

Bringing back layers

Short, sharp bobs and lobs have been popular for a while (and will continue to be so) but the idea of more layers throughout the hair is coming back. A bit more movement and shape in the hair has been missing, as layers give the hair a natural, lived-in appearance that is subtle yet striking at the same time.