Upgrades that will help sell your house quicker



The housing market is booming at the moment. Most sellers are finding that they are getting well over their asking price as people are keen to invest or upgrade after being stuck indoors for months.

You would think this is good news for sellers but it does come with a downside. There is also a lot of choice on the market at the moment, so how can you make your home stand out from the crowd and get the best selling price possible?


Read on for two relatively quick fixes and one more involved solution that could make the difference between your house languishing on the market or being snapped up for a great price.

Energy efficiency

Most articles on this topic will caution you against making big changes to your home that require substantial investment. Completely remodeling a kitchen or bathroom may seem like a way to get a higher price but everyone has their own taste. What appeals to you may not be what a potential buyer wants. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time and money to have given a room a substantial makeover only for it to be ripped out by the new owners, or worse, make them walk away from the sale?

Where this advice doesn’t hold up is when it comes to energy efficiency. More than ever buyers are paying attention to how efficient a house is in terms of energy usage. They might want to keep energy bills low, or they might be conscious of our effect on the planet. It could be a little of both. If you know that energy efficiency is a problem, replacing old radiators and even improving double glazing are good options to try. Double glazing probably won’t be cheap but will make a huge difference to the energy efficiency rating of your home. When it comes to radiators it is easier to keep your costs lower. Check Radiator Outlet for the best radiators you can get your hands on.Double panel radiators are some of the most efficient options out there. I found some stylish options here that offer great bang for your buck in terms of both cost and heat output. If you are on a budget I recommend going with the radiator option to get the most value for the least output.

Spruce up the garden

A few pots with brightly colored flowers here and there can make an excellent first impression on potential buyers. If you are planning to sell in the winter months when not much is growing, tidy up the border and flower beds so they are not dotted with weeds or dying plants. Keeping the grass cut short is another way to improve the look of the garden.

Coronavirus has put a lot of emphasis on people’s gardens. If you have a patio or covered porch area be sure to highlight that in your home’s description (and maybe add some garden furniture to make it look inviting). The ability to meet with others comfortably outdoors has taken on bigger importance than ever before. In fact, wanting a good garden has become one of the biggest reasons for people to consider a move.

Clean your windows

This may seem like an obvious tip but you would be surprised at how many people vacuum and tidy religiously for viewings but forget about their murky windows. Sparkling windows (on the inside and outside) will allow the lightest possible to flood into rooms making them seem larger and more inviting in an instant. They will also make a home look more welcoming from the outside too. If you are selling a home with windows that you can’t reach yourself it is definitely worth getting a professional window cleaner in to tackle those hard to reach places.

Give these three tips a try and you might have to start packing for your own move sooner rather than later.


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