Tried and Tested Ways to Make Your Blog Better



If you’re a blogger, whether you are doing it for fun or as a way to earn a living, chances are you want as many people to see it as possible.

The best way to pick up an audience for your blog is, of course, to make it the best blog it can possibly be. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best tried and tested ways to make your blog better now and in the future:

Offer more than just good writing

Blogging is all about good writing, so we won’t talk about its importance here, but what we will talk about is the fact that blogs that offer more than just writing are always going to be more popular. For example, if your blog offers a course on knitting for your crafting audience or maybe features a Google finance API to help your followers track their stocks (if it’s a finance blog of course) it will naturally attract more people. Blog readers are looking for value, and of course, writing is valuable, but anything extra you can throw their way will vastly improve your blog and build your audience qt the same time.

Write about things people care about

Okay, so this should be really obvious, but if you want your blog to be good, you need to make an effort to write about the kinds of things your audience actually wants to read about. What that is will vary depending on your niche, but as long as you check out trending subjects, think about the kinds of things that interest you, and interact with your audience so you can get it right from the horse’s mouth, it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out what people actually care about.

Write gripping headlines

Headlines that catch attention will bring traffic to your blog, but they will also make potential readers feel like you are someone who is worth reading. After all, if the headline is insipid it hardly inspires confidence that the rest of the writing will be any good, does it? Sometimes a good headline is all you need to bring an audience your way.

Simplify it

If your blog is a cluttered mess that would look more at home on the internet of the 90s, although you may love those flashing images and the fact that every pixel is well accounted for, it could be time to simplify. Most readers find cluttered blogs too distracting so they rarely stick around long enough to read what you have to say, whereas if you make your blog a bit more minimal, the writing will be the start of the show, so to speak.

Get guest posters

Guest posters who are experts in their niche, will not only add to your blog in terms of the excellent content they produce, but they will also bring their audience with them which will give you more exposure and hopefully help you to build a bigger audience too.

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