Trending Style: Your Name Becoming the Core Element of Your Jewelry



The right piece of jewelry is the difference between a basic or dull outfit and a pulled-together look. Jewelry can perk up any outfit, whether it’s another day at the office or a night out.

But creating a jewelry collection can be a laborious (and expensive) project! That’s why you should start with a simple, statement piece and build your style around it. A name necklace is a perfect place to start for any future jewelry aficionado.

The Iconic ‘Carrie’ Necklace

Personalizing your jewelry with a name is a way to ensure you have a truly unique piece. Name necklaces have had bursts of popularity throughout history, especially after Carrie Bradshaw donned one throughout “Sex and the City.”

The necklaces with your name printed in script became incredibly popular thanks to their classic style, ability to work with any outfit, and true originality. Anyone can layer a gold chain over a top, but how much more personal does it feel when it’s your own name?

Personalized Pieces

Name necklaces and personalized jewelry are also popular with celebrities, with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Khloe Kardashian and Gigi Hadid rocking these pieces. Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing multiple different name necklaces: one sporting an A for her son Archie, and one that features both Archie and Prince Harry’s initials. Name necklaces began to have a major moment yet again, thanks to celeb inspiration!

Monogrammed Necklaces

While a name necklace is the most common way to incorporate your name into your jewelry collection, there are other ways to use your name or initials to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Monogrammed jewelry is another way to bring your identity into your accessories.

Monogrammed necklaces or rings can show off your initials, those of your family or friends, or even a combination! For example, you might want to create a truly unique piece that includes your initial alongside the initials of your partner, children, or closest friends. You could also try an infinity name necklace! Popular amongst couples, these necklaces include an infinity symbol (meaning “forever”) between two names.

You can also try engraving pieces to give them an extra flare of sentimentality. You can get a necklace with a plain gold bar and add a name, initials, or birthdate to create a heartfelt and unique jewelry item. Engraved rings and necklaces also make great gifts!

Earrings With Initials

An unconventional way to incorporate your name into your jewelry is with earrings! You can get a pair of studs that show off your initials, or even opt for a trendy, mismatched pair with one initial on each ear.

You could also opt for hoop earrings with your name written across in script — another popular style commonly worn by Jennifer Lopez! While she typically wears very big hoops emblazoned with “Jennifer,” you can find personalized name earrings in a variety of sizes, from small and dainty to extra large.


Whether you’re shopping to find the perfect piece to kickstart your jewelry collection or choosing a gift for someone special, it’s important to make it personal. A name necklace, initial ring, or engraved bracelet are all great ways to wear a piece of jewelry that is memorable and uniquely you.


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