Top Tips For Being Joyfully Single on Valentines Day Leading Self Discovery Expert, Jessica Baker, Empowers Singles With Self Love Tools

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Valentine’s Day has a way of making singles feel bad about their relationship status. Jessica Baker, Founder of Aligned Signs, believes there is a way to transform this love-filled holiday by encouraging singles to learn that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. She has created a technology dedicated to helping people explore their personality and passions at For Valentine’s Day, the expert on all things self-discovery has devised

“Top Tips for Being Joyfully Single on Valentine’s Day” to empower singles everywhere with self love.


Tip 1: Reconnect With The Love of Your Life…YOU


The most important relationship you have, and will ever have, is the one with the person you see in the mirror. In fact, before you should consider a relationship with another person you should be solid in your understanding and love internally. Need some ideas? To reconnect with yourself, start a gratitude journal and write down ten things you are grateful for in your life. Keep the journal near your bed and contribute to it daily. Additionally, take the Myers Briggs® assessment to gain a deeper understanding of your personality type, inherent strengths and preferences. Figure out what brings you joy and what things you like to avoid, your idiosyncrasies, your originality. If you don’t know, how can any anyone else positively add value to your experiences? Another idea: gather a stack of magazines and newspapers and cut out anything and everything that peaks your interest, then make a collage. Look for themes and patterns in your creation. You might be surprised by what you learn through this fun and therapeutic exercise.


Tip 2: Make Pampering Yourself A Priority


You do a lot in a day – work, errands and social expectations. It is important to take time out to treat yourself for it! Set aside some downtime from your hectic life and get your nails done, play a video game, get a new haircut or a massage. Whatever you choose, do something that is just for you. A little spoiling by purchasing a new outfit can give you a fresh perspective and boost in confidence. Plus, when you feel good others are sure to take notice!


Tip 3: Remind Your Friends and Family That They Are Loved


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to nurture the relationships you already have. Check in with your parents, grandparents, siblings and close friends that live far away. They think about you more than you know and would love to hear from you. A phone call is a nice surprise that sends a priceless warm and fuzzy feeling that is sure to bring a smile to their face. Sending flowers, balloons, or a comforting food basket is that ‘loved’ feeling they can touch. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show the ones who you care most about how much they mean to you. In the process, take note of the impact you have made in other people’s lives just by being you.


Tip 4: Exercise To Elevate Your Mind, Body and Spirit


If you’re looking for a “safe” place on Valentine’s Day where you won’t be surrounded by canoodling couples, the gym or a yoga class is a reliable destination. More importantly, exercise is a great way to detox your mind and body, and elevate your mood. This kind of mental fitness will bring you greater peace, clarity, and elation so that you can embrace all of the positive things that life has to offer.


Tip 5: Volunteer Your Time to Spread The Love

Valentines Day is a celebration of love, but who said it has to be romantic? Volunteer at a local shelter, hospital or soup kitchen and spread the love to those who are less fortunate. You have the opportunity to make someone’s day, which, in turn, will make you feel amazing.

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