Top Things to Know Before Booking a Car Service

If you’re flying into LAX to take a trip to Disneyland, you’ll want to choose the proper transportation. A car service saves time and stress and is a luxurious and convenient option.

Public transit is the cheapest option but can be confusing and time-consuming. When arriving at the airport, look for LAX-it shuttle signs on the lower/arrivals level outside each terminal.

Arrival Time

Car service is the best option if you’re a family traveling from LAX to Disneyland with kids. You’ll need to book a ride that can accommodate everyone and all luggage, which can be difficult with other transportation options like shared shuttles and taxis.

You can take the shuttle for a fraction of the cost of a private car service, but the experience can be sluggish and uncomfortable with stops to pick up other passengers. The shuttle will also have to make multiple loops around the airport to fill up, which adds to the time it takes to get to your hotel. It’s a much better choice to book a ride in advance. The average LAX to Disneyland car service takes about 40 minutes, traffic dependent.


Your luggage will be one of the most important things you bring during your travels. However, bringing it from the airport can be stressful and inconvenient.

Thankfully, there are several efficient transportation options available for this trip. You can take a private car, a shared shuttle, or general public transportation from the airport to Disneyland.

If you are traveling with a large group, have a lot of luggage, or need child seats, consider renting a car from the airport. The price can be reasonable depending on the time of day and traffic. You can also find rideshare options in designated areas at the airport. 


Different transportation options exist, including private cars and shuttles. 

Rideshare is another option and tends to be less expensive than taxis. However, they will take longer to arrive due to traffic and may require multiple transfers, especially on busy days.

Public transit is another option and can be a good choice if you stay at hotels close to Disneyland, as some offer free or low-cost shuttles to and from the airport. However, this option will still take a significant amount of time and requires you to be ready at specific locations for pickup.


Knowing that rainy weather affects your travel plans is essential if you plan to visit Disneyland. This is especially true when visiting California, where the weather is very different from other places.

The weather can also impact the traffic conditions, which may make your trip to Disneyland even longer than you anticipated.

The most popular shuttle services will meet you in the LAX-it lot next to Terminal 1. Alternatively, you can find rideshare options at the airport in designated areas. The prices of these rides vary depending on the demand and time of day.

Transportation Options

There are many ways to get from LAX to Disneyland, each with pros and cons. Public transport is typically the cheapest option but takes hours with multiple transfers and can be difficult for families traveling with children and luggage.

Taxis are more expensive but the fastest way to Disneyland, mainly if you use the HOV (carpool) lane. Car services offer more comfort and can accommodate children in car seats, though these services are usually more costly.