Top Things That Are Hard to Find on Modern Cars

When you are out searching for a newer car to buy, you may come to realize that many things that used to be quite common on vehicles are either incredibly hard to find or simply not there anymore. Take a trip down memory lane with some of these vehicle attributes from the past.

Manual Roll Up Windows

There used to be a time when you had to actually use your arm to roll up your window instead of just pressing a button. While the simple convenience of electronically closing your window is nice, there is also something to be said for never having to worry about the window motor failing and being stuck with a window that will not open or close.

Manual Transmission

Informally known as the stick shift, this option is hard to find anymore, to the point of the newer generation of drivers of passenger vehicles not even knowing how to operate that way. Aficionados of the manual transmission, however, are quite fond of this option and love teaching others how to drive this way. It really is quite easy as long as you remember to put your foot on the clutch when shifting. If you want step-by-step instructions on how to drive a stick shift, check out this online manual.

Manual Keys and Locks

Are you sensing a pattern yet? Many of the old manual ways of operating the vehicle are falling by the wayside. These days, you no longer have to stick your key into the lock of the door to open it or the car’s ignition to start it. You simply press a button on the key fob and away you go. While this is admittedly far more convenient than manual keys, it can also be a hassle if the electronics that make these features operate fail and need to be replaced.

CD Players

Since the majority of people tend to stream music through their phones, car manufacturers have decided that standard CD players are not really necessary anymore. While they come standard on some vehicles, they are certainly nowhere near as prevalent as they used to be. If you really want to blow a kid’s mind, tell them about the days of cassette decks or even 8-track players that came in all cars at the time.


With the decline of cigarette smoking, at least in the United States, car makers no longer install ashtrays in the vehicle. Long gone are the days when drivers casually smoked while driving down the highway. With laws enacted to prevent drivers from smoking with children in the car, drivers have just gotten in the habit of pulling over for a smoke. Of course, ashtrays can still be found in older cars or you can always rig your own.

Big Trunks

The trunks of modern vehicles have been getting smaller and smaller over the years, to the point that even full-sized spare tires are hard to find anymore. While newer cars are definitely sleeker, the end result also means less space the car can offer.


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