Top 10 embarrassing things men do to flirt at the beach

couple -on-the-beach

Things that make women go “hmmmm”: Top 10 embarrassing things men do to flirt at the beach


46% of female respondents feel that men in swimwear that leaves nothing to the imagination, are embarrassing rather than sexy.


couple -on-the-beach

Milan, the online dating site for married and attached people seeking affairs, released the results of their latest survey. The survey asked female cheaters which things men do to flirt with them at the beach that they hate most.

  When it comes to flirting at the beach, the female members of infidelity site Victoria Milan reveal that they think men make plenty of mistakes. Although many women definitely want to pursue a summer fling, when they actually find men flirting with them by the seaside it can be very irritating. Check out these results to make sure you’re not one of these guys.


This summer 1,652 female members of the controversial dating site reported on the most annoying things a men can do while they are flirting at the beach. Most of the participants think men often overestimate women’s interest in them, and as a result interpret female flirtatious behavior as more sexual than women intend it to be.


Wearing too-tight and tiny swimwear to show off their “goods” tops the large list of mistakes men make when flirting at the beach according to the women of Victoria Milan. Fully 46% of respondents feel that men in swimwear that leaves nothing to the imagination are embarrassing rather than sexy.


Company founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal states: “Apparently many men just aren’t beach boys! But thanks to our female members, men at least have some hints about what NOT to do when trying to flirt at the shore.”


Here are the top ten things men do to flirt at the beach with women that inspire embarrassment instead of interest:


1.            Too-tiny swimwear: sometimes less isn’t more.


2.            Being too drunk.


3.            Winking and throwing kisses.


4.            Being too obvious or asking for their contact information too soon staring at you breast.


5.            Trying to get them drunk.


7.            Bad dancing.


8.            Being too pushy and forward, repeating things, and approaching too fast.


7.            Trying to impress with typical, unimaginative phrases and compliments in an effort to flatter them.


9.            Using friends as “wing men” and communicating through them.


10.         Playing the “good boy”.



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