Tips to get your man to dress his best for less

Tips to get your man to dress his best for less


Sim Gulati, CEO and Founder of Barley & Britches offers these tips



This is your situation…your husband or boyfriend is wearing the same worn out shirts day in and day out; whether an important interview or on date night. What you want is for him to start dressing nice but you know he hates being inconvenienced by shopping and spending money gives him hives.


Its important to offer suggestions without damaging his ego or making him run the other way at the prospect of spending too much money.
There is a way to help your husband or boyfriend look their best, while not breaking the bank, and here’s how:



Don’t try to get him to buy a whole new wardrobe – start small and build from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will his wardrobe. You can start with the basics like chinos and shirts and build from there.



Use the clothes he likes to give you an idea of his style and then find high quality apparel for less. If he loves Chinos but he doesn’t want to spend $130 for a new pair, The Everyday Chinos at $38 would be “a perfect fit”. Help him shop for alternatives to brand names and shops he never knew existed.


Don’t judge and don’t criticize – this will just drive him in the opposite direction. Use positive feedback to compliment his current look while offering small suggestions. It could be as simple as, “honey, I love that shirt but you know a collared shirt would really make you look hot.” Positive reinforcement goes a long way towards encouraging new behavior.



Pledge $38 or more        You'll get 1 pair of The Everday Chino.
Pledge $38 or more
You’ll get 1 pair of The Everday Chino.

Most men tend to shy away from colors and gravitate towards the “safe” look, which are various shades of blacks and greys.  This is primarily because they’ve never really experimented with colors. Encourage them to try colors like blues, yellows, greens and purples for chinos and shirts.  Color portrays personality.


Impart tips that will help him look like a million bucks on a shoestring budget. One great tip is to strategically match your accessories. For example, buy a new belt and a new pair of shoes that match each other. Teach him that different accessories will give old outfits brand new life.



There are great alternatives to overpriced expensive designer casuals if you know where to look. Go to your city’s Garment’s District, check out the latest Kickstarter and IndieGogo fashion finds for men. There are also many men’s fashion startups with killer deals by freshly minted fashion designers.


By removing the wholesaler and unnecessary middlemen, my new company Barley & Britches can bring consumers premium clothing at its original manufacturing sale price, no additional markups. The Everyday Chino only costs $38 because it comes straight form the source. There are no middlemen, retailers or wholesalers along the way. This is really the way all fashion brands should function. There’s no excuse to get stuck paying so much more for just a simple, comfortable, and versatile pair of high quality chinos.


With it’s Kickstarter campaign going live today, The EveryDay Chino makes things super simple for your hubby or boyfriend….and for you!