Tips for Sprucing Up Your Ranch-Style Home This Summer



We absolutely love the beauty and appeal of ranch-style homes! These gorgeous properties, often found in California and Nevada, are truly what real estate dreams are made of. For those of you that can currently call these properties home, we have a few quick tips to help you spruce things up for the summer. With a few minor adjustments, you can create a home that is the envy of all ranch-style lovers. Garden maintenance by Leander arborists is the first place to start with your renovation. Trees add value to the property so this should be your number one investment.


Play with the Porch


Many ranch-style homes have large porches which give the home a unique charm and a welcoming appeal. With a space of this size outside of the home, it’s ideal to include some furniture or decor that really draws attention to it. Not only can the right furniture be aesthetically pleasing, it can serve as a place of refuge and comfort for friends and family. Consider adding a vintage rocking chair, other comfortable seating and pillows, colorful flowers and wind chimes, to name a few options.


Hire Professional Landscapers

The gorgeous yards and landscapes of ranch-style homes are something to be coveted and maintained. This requires quite a bit of work on a regular basis, especially when you consider weeding, trimming and pruning to be essential. In this case, it would be useful to hire experts to do the work for you, as they’ll come by on a regular basis and ensure everything is taken care of. For instance, top Las Vegas Landscaping companies have experience in maintaining these kinds of homes so that your lawn and yard will always be in tip-top shape. It’s that easy – hire the right people.


Clean Up Your Driveway


Unfortunately, a weathered driveway will deter the eye away from the beauty of the remainder of the home. Many homeowners avoid putting in the effort to make the fixes, especially considering it can be very time-consuming. However, a pristine driveway can make all the difference in the enhancing the appeal of the home, as it counts for quite a bit of the land itself. Luckily, these days, there are great products to make the driveway clean-up much faster and easier. So, if you put in the effort this summer, you won’t have to do it again for years to come. It’s worth it.


Light it Up


A well-lit home has a romantic and cozy appeal to it in the nighttime. That is especially true for ranch-style homes, as their properties are known to emanate comfort. Consider a series of spotlights around the property that really reflects a cozy esthetic. Avoid light that are jarring or too bright as you want to ensure the effect is soothing to the eye. If you also plan on having outdoor parties or get-togethers, this will create quite the appropriate ambience.


For those of you with ranch-style homes, we envy you! These beautiful properties are surely some of the most gorgeous homes on the market today. With a little maintenance and some small tweaks, you can be sure to create a ranch-style home that your friends and family will be wanting to gather around.

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