Tips for Saying No to Your Kids Without Hurting Their Feelings 


Sometimes, you hesitate to say no to your kids even if saying no is the right thing. You worry that your kids won’t understand your point and you will end up fighting. Some children will keep their feelings inside and grow up with resentment. The problem is that they will end up getting spoiled if given the freedom to do whatever they want. As a parent, you have to learn to say no, even if it pains you. These are some parenting tips to help you say no and be okay with it.

Explain your reason 

Don’t just say no because you want to say no. You need to explain your side. Your children might have a negative reaction at first but will eventually understand why you made such a decision. You also have to show that you’re coming from a place of love and concern. They might have a hard time processing your decision, but they will get there.

Don’t say no to show who the boss is

Some parents tend to enforce authority for the sake of doing it. Even if they don’t have a valid reason for saying no, they will still do it because they have the authority to do so. You can’t be that type of parent. For instance, if your child asks for permission to go to a party and the parents of the host talks to you, there’s no reason to decline. If you still insist on saying no, it’s a sign that you don’t trust your child, which could even harm your relationship moving forward.

Have a conversation 

Before you make a decision, you need to ensure that you give your kids a chance to explain. Even if you decide to say no after the conversation, it’s okay. Your child will still feel good to have the chance to speak out and be heard. It’s better than getting slapped with a no right away.

Cut a deal

If you want to agree on one thing, you can use it as leverage to say no to another. You can even use it as a tool to modify bad behaviour. For instance, if you allow your child to sleep over at a friend’s house, you can make your child promise to reduce screen time at home. You can also ask your child to use the emf protection device you gave them all the time to stay safe against the radiation coming from their phone. In the process, your child will also learn how to make a decision and prioritise things. You will eventually agree to the deal, but you will also get something out of it.

Do everything out of love

Your child will see through your eyes if you’re doing things out of love. If you only try to prove that you’re the parent and you need to have the final say, it doesn’t make sense to your kids. They will eventually be mature enough to understand you. For now, you have to show that you say no because you love them and you only want what’s best for them.



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