This Award-Winning Author Shares 3 Tips for Aspiring Authors Looking to Reach Their Goals

To all of the aspiring authors out there: 2022 is the year… the year that you will finally sit down and start that book that you’ve been dreaming up. You may have an idea for a story you’ve been sitting on for years, or you may be ready to hit the ground running starting from scratch. Either way, it’s essential to set some goals before getting started.

Corie Adjmi, the multiple award-winning author of ‘Life and Other Shortcomings’, has a few book goal recommendations to help you get started this new year.

Here are Corie’s top three New Years goals for aspiring authors:

Goal #1: Read as much as you can in the genre you write in
Read. Read. Read! We all know that reading boosts your imagination and vocabulary; but did you know that doing so will also give you inspiration and insight for your own work? It keeps your brain thinking, boosts empathy, and can help inspire your writings later on.

Goal #2: Be honest and pretend no one will see what you are writing
Did you keep a diary or journal growing up? Perhaps you still use one now. Our diaries or journals are a place where we can write anything and everything we want, unvarnished and true. Putting in the same effort into your writings allows your creativity, imagination, and skill to flourish. Keep true to your imagination and desires for your work… it will pay off in the end!

Goal #3: Write—don’t judge your first draft too harshly—and be willing to edit
The first draft of your work is a great way to get everything going and laid out just how you like it. But, once the initial draft is complete, you may find yourself wanting to re-write every other word. Don’t be afraid to self-edit! While you may be attached to some of your work, your self-editing efforts will help you to be objective and know what is or isn’t working.

Corie’s upcoming book, ‘The Marriage Box’, has been a work in progress for nearly 20 years and is finally being published this year. This is a testament to the fact that these goals will produce results for anyone needing a gentle push in the right direction with their writing this year!