A Complete Guide for Men on What to Wear on a First Date


There’s nothing like scoring a first date with your crush. However, then you may realize that you have positively no clue what to wear. Recognizing what to wear on a first date can be a troublesome task for guys. It may appear that men have it simpler than ladies with regards to assembling an outfit, and that is most likely evident. Yet, there are still a few different ways folks can mess up and make an inappropriate first impression. This is the reason tossing something on at last before you head out the door could be a major slip-up.

Considering how to dress such that it leaves an enduring memory of your date and makes her need to date you once more? Here’s your outfit recommendation manual for making it possible, because dressing justifies itself more than we figure out how to depict ourselves.

Grooming and Skincare

Before putting your clothes on, ensure that your body is well-groomed. Ensure your hairstyle is well-kept and stylish, with the help of the strongest holding hair wax. It’s prudent to go to the hairdresser at least seven days before the date so as to maintain a strategic distance from any potential outcomes of his trials with your haircut. However, if you wear a beard, make it seem as though you truly have a beard, not simply like you are too lazy to even think about shaving. Take care of your nails remember that nothing will remain unnoticed.

Leaving a lasting impression, a good one, of course, is a sure way to get a second date. While personality can sometimes make or break a favorable first impression on a first date, your looks and hygiene also play an important role. There’s no bigger turn-off than a haggard-looking, unshaven man with dirty nails, right? Men usually do nail cleaning and shaving at home. Now we have to admit that some people can pull off that scruffy, David Beckham look of a barely-shaven face. Most of the time, though, that is not unintentional. Some shaving experts can make it look that way. If you are not super confident, you can do the same, play it safe, and get a nice, clean shave. Be careful of razor burns, though. A facial rash is an extreme no-no on a first date. That’s why others opt for straight shaving razors over electric ones. A little old-fashioned but the least likely to cause skin irritations.

Apart from those, you can consider luxurious men’s sartorial choices. You can pick a designer you believe your man will like or one that suits his personality well. Does he prefer casual over sleek or rugged? Not a problem because there is a wide range of selections available. You can even give him a whole outfit to wear for formal or fancy events and save him from the decision fatigue of choosing what to wear on these occasions.

Feel comfortable

The primary principle when picking garments for a date is to pick the outfit you’ll feel good and comfortable in both physically and mentally. However, if you don’t wear suits regularly, chances are you’ll feel exotic when you wear them for a date. There’s no need to rush to make a decision. Take your time; do your research, and ask Marcus Sherman.

Opt for Sharper Shoes

If everything else fails, a dressier shoe is the best alternative. While Oxfords are best set something aside for suits, a Chelsea boot or a derby shoe, for instance, will work with dark wash denim or chinos. A canvas shoe is satisfactory for an increasingly laid-back date; however, don’t haul out your old, worn-out tennis shoes.

Focus on the Details

Sometimes it’s the little things that get observed, so before you go out, ensure that each part of your look is on point. That implies resolving each wrinkle, brushing ceaselessly each bit of lint, and leaving the right number of buttons open on your shirt. Not only will your date acknowledge how assembled you look, yet you’ll additionally feel considerably more confident in yourself.


Don’t dress too formally

A few men feel that they will impress a lady by appearing in formal attire. However, it’s very hard to feel at ease when you wear your office suit. A date is a special occasion; however, it shouldn’t be formal. For a casual date, Holly Moore from Jasper Holland recommends a minimalist white t-shirt because it is a color that looks good on everyone, and is a great base for many different outfits. Obviously, if you go to the theater or any show, at that point jacket is a must requirement, however, if it’s a dinner date, a decent shirt will be good enough.

Layer with style

Layering your clothes with style can bring an extra advantage to you. Also, it will help you with making significantly more intriguing outfits. For instance, you can layer your shirt with a team neck pullover and a channel coat to look cool. A tendency for layering allows you to play around with the articles of clothing you have, so you should make sense of how to do it suitably.

Keep Accessories to minimum

Downplay your gems on first dates; adhere to an exemplary watch. Simple is better with regard to first impressions. Their attention should be on you, not your neckband or class ring.

Think about Where You’re Actually Meeting

Are you having easygoing beverages at a jump bar, or would you say you are eating someplace which is more stylish and refined? Dressing for the occasion matters, so plan your outfit based on where you’re going. Your date is probably thinking about the area and what sort of environment it will be, so they’ll anticipate the equivalent for you. Being on the same page garments-wise is a significant piece of the first-date experience.

Choose neutral colors

You’ll communicate all through the date and your outfit shouldn’t divert your lady’s attention. For this, don’t put on numerous bright things. It’s smarter to pick calm colors.

It’s all about the Fit

What makes a difference most isn’t how much money you spent on your garments, but how well they fit on your body. The important thing is you don’t want your date to be diverted by free and loose getup. Typically, a fitted outline where your clothes embrace but not tighten your body is the best approach. Search for things like a custom-made supper coat, straight-leg pants, or a thin traditional shirt. It’s all about wearing the garments rather than giving the garments a chance to wear you.

Dress to Your Physical Strengths

Picking the correct outfit can play up your best highlights, and make your date significantly more pulled into you. The first date is the point at which you are evaluating each other as potential suitors, and anything you can do to pick up the preferred position is going to ensure that you get the outcomes you need like a subsequent date! In case picking something to wear makes you anxious, it’s a great opportunity to take a full breath. Recall that while garments are an incredible embellishment you can use to flaunt, they should likewise be tied in with feeling good and introducing your best and most legitimate self.

I hope this guide sheds light on your reflection with respect to what a man should wear on a first date. Dress up and dress sharp to impress. Make comfort and a brilliant look at your two main priorities. Your appearance should be a nice supplement to your polite conduct, courtesy, and communication skills.