Things You Should Know Before Your Parent Goes Into A Nursing Home


If your parent is due to move into a nursing home, it can be a difficult time for the whole family. However, there are many good things about moving into a nursing home once you stop focusing on the negatives! This post will help you to make the whole process a little easier for you and your parent:


Visit The Room Before They Move In

Before your loved one moves into the home, make sure you visit the room they will be living in. You should do this to get an idea of the space they will have, as well as things like cleanliness and whether it will be suitable for their wheelchair (if they have one). You can ask for a floorplan to ensure their belongings will fit. You should also know things like whether towels are provided, whether they will have cable, and whether you can take a small refrigerator. Make sure you make a list of questions before you go and don’t worry about asking too many. 

Layering Clothing And Accessories

You need to be smart about the type of clothing you give your parent to take with them. Their clothes should be easy to get on and off, and be able to withstand washes and drying – so they should be high quality. Make sure their clothing is warm – layers are best to accommodate for various seasons. Men and women will likely want to keep their purse/wallet close by, even if they are unlikely to use it. Just make sure you take all of the important cards out first. 

Personal Care And Their Favorite Brands 

Soap, shampoo, lotion, and other products are essential. Make sure they take their favorite brands and it will help them when their routine is disrupted and they are getting used to this change. Families generally provide these items, although it may differ with different facilities. Simple touches like their favorite shampoo can make them feel more at home. 

Decorating Their Space 

You may want to decorate your loved one’s room for holidays and events. You could add a wreath on their door, as well as cards and wall decor. Fresh flowers can be nice for your loved one to enjoy at any time of year. Make sure you include some of their favorite things too, such as pictures and items of personal significance. It will make all the difference to them. You will need to check with the facility what is ok to bring, however, as some items may be dangerous. You may end up having to find a personal injury lawyer if something happens to your parent while in care. 

Keeping Up Their Hobbies

If your loved one has a newspaper or magazine subscription, let the facility know you are going to have it sent the facility. Many facilities will have books, but you’ll need to check this over first. Puzzles are great, as are items for arts and crafts. Don’t underestimate how creative your loved one will want to be, and make sure they have lots of choices

What Are The Benefits Of Assisted Living?

There are benefits of assisted living, even if things seem bleak at first. It can be sad for you to see your parent leave the home they have made so many memories in, but nursing homes can offer an enriched social environment. They will be able to socialize, take part in activities, and more. Not only that, they will need to spend much less time maintaining themselves, which can be a struggle for them. They will not need to cook, and the facility will likely take care of things like laundry. Linen changes will also be provided. This is a huge benefit for many elderly parents, and they are simply able to focus on the things they like to do. Some older adults with underlying health conditions may also experience incontinence. They won’t be able to manage their conditions, so it will help a lot to have professionals who can take care of them all the time. Their caretakers may also be better equipped to convince your parents to use incontinence protection, like underwear pads or plastic pants, to help them do what they want to do without constantly worrying about their condition.


It can be difficult if your parents doesn’t want to move into a nursing home. The term ‘old folks home’ can be used and have negative connotations. After all, they may have slowed down, but that doesn’t mean the feel old! However, you will need to focus on the positive things with them. They are less likely to be socially isolated if they move to a nursing home, and they will enjoy living in a community. 


While moving to a nursing home may be harder for some than others, and it may not be for everybody, it could be a very good choice for your parent if you decide they need the help. 

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