Things You Must Know While Using Co-Codamol As An Adult

Co-codamol (eg Zapain, Tylex, Codipar, Solpadol): uses and action


Co-codamol is one of the strongest painkillers, a blend of paracetamol and codeine. It is recommended for people who are suffering from any kind of pain, injury, headaches, joint pains, or arthritis. You can buy co-codamol both online and offline easily.


They are available in pharmacies and online stores. However, several people do not know much about this medicine, like its facts, when to consume it, etc. That is why; here is a guide that will explain every basic about co-codamol. Make sure you read out thoroughly to have a brief knowledge about this medication.

About co-codamol

Co-codamol is typically a mixture of two types of painkillers. The first one is paracetamol, and another one is codeine. Doctors recommend this medication to treat migraines, toothache, headaches, muscular pain, or aches. Besides this, it is a strong medication. That is why co-codamol is not recommended daily until a common pain killer like aspirin or ibuprofen works for you.

Key facts about co-codamol

There are some facts about co-codamol that people are often unaware of. So let’s uncover that one by one.

  • However, you might not go through many side effects while taking this medicine, but sometimes a person may feel nauseous and sleepy.
  • Overconsumption of co-codamol can lead to several health issues. For example, often, people who are suffering from high pain end up taking a double dose.
  • It is believed that co-codamol can be addictive. However, the doctors make sure you do not go through the addictions.
  • You may reduce your pain with just a few doses, but your treatment plan may vary if a doctor prescribes you to take co-codamol for more than two weeks. It will include how to consume it and when to consume it.

How and when should you consume co-codamol?

Well, the time of taking co-codamol depends on your issue. For example, if you are suffering from headaches, you can take it after consuming the food, or if you are suffering from pain, you can immediately consume it. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before taking co-codamol.

Besides this, you can directly swallow this medicine with water. It comes in both capsules and tablet form. It is completely dissolvable medicine, so you make a water drink on it and then take it. This medication is completely safe and can be taken with or without food.