Things to remember before getting hormone therapy



Hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy can sometimes become a necessity in a woman’s life. It is used to treat two of the most dire conditions that they face in their lives at some point of time: Premenstrual syndrome and Symptoms of menopause.


We already know that certain studies in hormone therapy for women have suggested that it can be increasingly dangers to get hormones replaced with the traditional method. It can lead to different heart diseases, breast cancer or blood clots.


When a treatment carries certain risks, it is important that the patient understands everything about the treatment, including its advantages, disadvantages and consequences and results. Here today we will talk about the things that one should always remember before getting a hormone therapy.


How does the therapy work?


With time, woman body stops making certain hormones. Mostly they are related to estrogen and progesterone. The first helps with the symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness and other problems that may arise, while the latter provides protection for uterine cancer and weakening of the bones.


THe doctor will diagnose and give the patient with a combination of estrogen and progesterone in order to make up for the hormones that the body isn’t making anymore and thus helping with the symptoms.


Different types


There are two different types of hormone therapy for women, they are: systematic and local. The systemic therapy is used to inject the hormones through the bloodstream that will travel throughout the body. Whilst local type is used only at specific parts of the body.


Systemic therapy is used to resolve the problem of hot flashes, night sweats and symptoms like vaginal dryness. It comes in pills, patches, gels, sprays etc. One can put them on the vagina to feel better.


Side effects and other problems


A lot of women who have gone through hormone therapy have felt certain change in their body parts and the way they feel, including bloating and soreness. A study in 2002, also claimed that that hormone replacement therapy can increase the risk of breast cancer in women, along with this, it can cause problems like heart diseases, blood clots etc.


Before going through the hormone therapy, one should understand their body type and talk to doctors if they can fall prey to these consequences. And if yes, then what can the suggestive alternative.


A time of change


Most of the women seek hormone replacement therapy during their time of chang. This is the time when their menopause is approaching. It happens almost to years before the last period that there begins a hormone imbalance.


It is because of these hormonal imbalances that women need some sort of treatment and medication to ease down the symptoms. Here it is important to remember that this must be done from a trustworthy and place who have experts to give these treatments. A wrong treatment can lead to a lot of differential medical problems.





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