Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Labuan Bajo

The town of labuan Bajo is situated at the western side of the Flores Islands. Sitting at the doorstep of the famous Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo is a peaceful town with so many wonders awaiting your exploration.


This is because, the Flores Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in the Indonesian Archipelago. Its rugged nature making it a favourable destination especially for the adventurous travelers.


Being that Labuan Bajo has not been overtaken by the mass tourism that has overtaken most parts of Indonesia, Labuan Bajo still remains a rural town with a population of about 25,000 people.


Labuan Bajo is also considered as the city of sunset. This is because, it offers various vantage points where you can enjoy the end of each day overlooking a spectacular sky.


These vantage points include; Puncak Silvia, Bukit Cinta and Puncak Amelia.


Some of the Things That Make Labuan Bajo a Great Destination


  • For those seeking less populated areas for some quite time, Labuan Bajo offers you a slow pace of life.
  • It’s breathtaking sunsets that can be viewed over the Komodo National Park.
  • Very friendly people making it easier for you to tour the town by foot.
  • Exotic food offered by the local restaurants and food stalls.
  • Great scenery offered by the nearby Islands.


Surrounded by small islands, the Labuan Bajo dive is usually exciting, interesting and unforgettable.


This is because, Labuan Bajo prides itself for its numerous muck dive sites. These muck dive sites are so good that they actually rival the dive sites located inside the Komodo Islands.


Also, some of the interesting land destinations that can be discovered inside the city include; the Mirror cave, Rangko cave, the paths to Cunca Wulang canyon waterfall and the Cunca Rami.


Factors to Consider When Planning a Visit to Labuan Bajo


How to Get There


Considering that Labuan Bajo is located on the eastern side of Indonesia, it is advisable to access the town via a flight. The Bali International Airport offers at least 6 flights per day to Labuan Bajo.


It should be noted however, that Indonesia does not offer international flights to Labuan Bajo. Therefore, if you are an international tourist, you will require a connecting flight in order to visit Labuan Bajo.


Place to Stay


Labuan Bajo offers a selection of hotels that are tailored to suit your budget and preferences. You might be surprised to get something that meets your kind of luxury without necessarily having to break a bank.




Although the main language in Labuan Bajo is Bahesa, many locals speak reasonable amount of English.


You can try to learn some of the basic words in Bahesa, although English is the main language used in restaurants and dive shops.




Just like in all Indonesia, the weather in Labuan Bajo is usually tropical. However, due to the mountains surrounding Labuan Bajo, the area experiences longer dry seasons with hotter days and stronger winds


This should not deter you though. The fact that Labuan Bajo is closely located near the coast ensures that there is always a cool breeze in the area.


Activities to Look Out For


The fact that Labuan Bajo is located just next to the Komodo National Park, gives you an opportunity to do some real exploration that you cannot overlook.


From the mountains that surround Labuan Bajo which are very rich in agriculture, history and culture to massive waterfalls that are used to water the clove and the coffee plantations.


Other activities that you can engage in while in Labuan Bajo include;


  • Snorkeling
  • Turtle conservation
  • Overland adventure
  • Liveaboards
  • Walks through the Komodo Park.




Labuan Bajo is an ideal getaway especially for the adventurous tourists. This is because, one is faced with choices of either conquering the land or the sea.


The romantic wooden cottages that overlook idyllic harbours make Labuan Bajo the perfect destination for an unforgettable experience.

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