The Various Types of Accidents Prevailing in Today’s World


An accident is an unplanned act which could be prevented if people get to know the reasons behind them which generally leads to this act. Road accidents are a frequent thing as it happens on daily basis and it causes a lot of damage. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time; it’s not like that, they are just going to happen on roads. Accidents are of different types and they are as follows:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicles accidents are the main reason of death internationally even after so much development in automobile safety. Due to the increase in motor vehicle ownership, it is predicted that deaths due to these vehicles will increase by 2030. People get different injuries in car accidents and in some cases; this can also lead to disability for the lifetime. You should have a look on the safety features, before buying a family car.

Sports Accidents

From the time when modern organized sports rise in the 18th century, sports which are involving contact such as rugby, boxing, American football, they all have eye witnessed several injuries and disabilities. Head and spinal injuries are witnessed in games in which a person is elevated off the ground, such games includes riding, horseback and mountain climbing.

Accidents in the House

House is a place where several accidents occur. It can be in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, stairways or gardens. The older people can fall from the stairs and it is a very common cause of injury among them. The most common reason of death for children over one year of age is the accidental injuries occurred in the home. Burns due to hot liquid or steam is one of the most common injuries among young children. As children are not much aware about the right or wrong so, sometimes they swallow something due to which parents had to take them and rush to the hospital.

Accidents in the Hospital

Accidents can occur in the hospitals through treatments which involve procedures and medications and this can at times even lead to everlasting disability. Sometimes there is a chance of brain trauma at birth due to the instruments used, such as forceps. Moreover, some medication errors may take place in which patients are given incorrect medications or even a too little or too heavy medicine doze can also create a problem, as it should be given as per the guidance otherwise it can have negative effects on the patients.



Accidents in the Workplace

Industries where construction or mining is done, there is a more chance of accidents over there as they use heavy machinery which is related with several types of risks and can cause injuries to the workers. They may get an electric shock due to the high voltage machineries or they can get their fingers cut as this is the most frequent injury in the workplace. Even the chemical manufacturing companies can cause several injuries to the employees such as, eye irritation, hand burn, rashes, and throat or lung injuries.

As these accidents can occur at any place of the world so, people should take guidance related to this that, how they need to overcome these things. If people want to know that what actions they should take in such circumstances, so they should contact Naqvi Injury Law, as they can help them through this.

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