The Ultimate Guide: What Is My Body Shape?


5 female body types and what dressing fits.

Determining your body shape can seem difficult. But it’s really not that hard. When you ask yourself, “what is my body shape?”, you likely have an idea already.

Are your shoulders wider than your hips, or vice versa? Is your chest proportionally big or small?

Here at Fitbay we have 5 female body types (I’m a pear, as you can see!)

Fitbay Body Types


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Let’s start with A for Apple …

What Is My Body Shape?Apple

The apple body shape is defined by women who are wider around the belly than they are around their hips and upper body. An “inverted hourglass”, so to speak. If you have narrow hips, narrow shoulders and a round belly you’re likely an apple.

And keep in mind: Apple shaped does not necessarily equal overweight – there are tons of skinny apples out there! The term simply refers to the fact that you put on your weight in the tummy area and have narrow hips/shoulders :) See gorgeous underwear model and proud apple Kate Upton for reference:



Dressing you apple shape:

Try wearing an open coat above a tight outfit to streamline your body, suggests


What is my body shape

What Is My Body Shape? Pear

The pear is the second most common female body shape. Women that tend to put on weight in the hip/thigh area are likely to be pear shaped. If you squint while looking in the mirror and are still visibly larger around the hips than around the shoulders/chest – then that means you’re a pear.

It also means that you’re in the same boat as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Not bad.




Dressing Your Pear Shape

Always go for high waisted styles, so your body is “cut” on the smallest place, suggests Outfitideas4You:



What Is My Body Shape? Straight

This is by far the most common body type. A huge British survey suggests that more than 60% of women have a straight body. The straight body is characterized by a certain slenderness – no really visible curves, no difference to speak of between hip and waist.

Famous women with a straight body type count Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow (which only goes to show how much of a difference between waist and hip/shoulders is needed to be considered an hourglass!). Picture via: TStyledMe.



Dressing The Straight Body Shape

It’s easy to fake curves, says Go-2-girl – cinch in that waist and combine with an A-line skirt, et voila!



What Is My Body Shape? Cone

Cones are recognized by their wide shoulders. The cone silhouette will appear visibly wider from the chest and up. So if your hips and waist are narrow, and you have broad shoulders – that means you’re probably acone.

One gorgeous example of a famous cone is Rihanna. And who wouldn’t want to look like her?



Dressing Your Cone Shape

Draw attention to the area from your neck to your cleavage by wearing tops with a plunging neckline. Beautiful!



What Is My Body Shape? Hourglass

Many women tend to think they are hourglass-shaped if they can point out their waistline, but in reality very few of us are. Less than 10% of women are hourglasses.

To be an hourglass it is not enough to have merely a little curve from waist to hip. No, not only do you need to be roughly the same size in your chest/shoulder area and around your hips – you also have to have a very,very narrow waist. In fact the ratio from waist to hip/chest should be 0.7, meaning that the waist should measure only 70% of the hip circumference!

To determine if you’re an hourglass you should measure 1) the narrowest point on your waistline, and 2) the widest point of your hips, and divide the two. If the number you find is 0.70 or smaller, then – and only then – you’re an hourglass!

Famous hourglass shaped women count among them of course Marilyn Monroe and more recently: Scarlett Johansson.

What is my body shape?

Dressing the Hourglass Shape

Emphasize those gorgeous curves with figure-hugging styles and fit-and-flares, check this chart from for reference:




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