The top 5 myths you may not know about plastic surgery


Plastic surgery has become quite popular among people of different ages, races, and gender.  Its rising popularity has led to the advancement of the technology and different techniques used in surgical procedures in an effort to provide safer and more effective surgical methods. In turn, this has led to better results and faster recoveries among patients that undergo the procedure. But, even with so much awareness, people are still misinformed and rely on baseless myths that often mislead them. Here are the top 5 myths you may not know about plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery results are evident and fake

Plastic surgery has been considered to be both good as well as bad with so much negative publicity regarding the results. With it being familiar among celebrities and instances where celebrities have a “plastic fake look” due to overdone results this raises lots of questions on social media whether it can give you a good look without exposing you.


However, it’s just a myth that plastic surgery gives you a fake appearance. The truth is that most of these celebrities or individuals with a fake look undergo several surgical procedures without following their plastic surgeons’ advice. This often leads to unnatural results that instead of giving you a natural and vibrant look make it look overdone or fake. 


Recovery is painful and takes long

All surgical procedures require time for recovery for you to notice any visible results. The procedure itself is not as painful as people think. The time for the recovery process varies for different types of plastic surgery. A major surgical procedure, however, will have a longer recovery process. Most plastic surgery procedures are advanced, making things less painful and uncomfortable during the surgery and the recovery process.


Plastic surgery is only for women

Plastic surgery is not just for women and men have also embraced plastic surgery to look good. The top common plastic surgery procedures that men go for include facelift, liposuction, gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction), and rhinoplasty. Others even undergo non-surgical treatments like Botox to enhance their appearance. According to plastic surgeon reports male cosmetic procedures have risen over the years and continue to trend upwards. 


Plastic surgery can replace weight loss procedures 

Plastic surgery cannot be used as a weight-loss tool. While it might involve body contouring procedures such as liposuction or abdominoplasty where fat pockets or sagging skin has been removed these procedures should not be used to replace weight loss methods like exercising and diets. 


Results last a lifetime

Plastic surgery gives great results but these can also fade over time, especially if you are not keen on your lifestyle. After surgery, you should ensure that you maintain the results by living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your post-procedure body weight. The truth is that when you follow the surgeon’s advice you will be able to maintain your results. 


Plastic surgery procedures will give results that can last for years, but how long the results will last depends on various factors. You need to follow a good skincare routine, eat healthily, follow up with less-invasive office procedures and surgical touch-ups to maintain your natural good looks.


There is no scarring

Plastic surgery involves cutting through the skin and while you will notice some positive results after a few weeks, you will also notice some scars. There’s a common misconception that plastic surgery procedures do not leave scars. Unfortunately, due to the incision, you are likely to be left with a scar. But a certified plastic surgeon will have the necessary skills to minimize the amount of scarring, make the scars look better and smaller, and even know how to hide the scars so that they aren’t noticeable. They can also advise you on how best to care for your incisions post-recovery to ensure that there is minimal scarring.


Cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons are one and the same

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are commonly used to mean the same but actually aren’t the same thing. Cosmetic surgeons don’t require nationally recognized training. However, plastic surgeons must undergo specialized training for a certain period and have the necessary experience before claiming it as a specialty. 


Plastic surgery is effective if you are looking for lasting long-term results. But you need someone experienced and certified to perform surgical procedures. Set up a consultation with Dr. Cat Begovic and receive the best advice on which surgical procedures you can pick. Remember that surgery can be risky and you need the right professional to do the job and ensure that your health and life aren’t at risk. Also, ask the right questions before choosing any kind of plastic surgery procedure.