The Top 5 Labors of Love That Mothers-to-Be Appreciate the Most


From the moment most women find out that they’re pregnant, they immediately are extremely overjoyed or they go right into panic mode. Several thoughts run through their mind like “I can’t afford a baby right now,” “we were so careful!” or “ I’m finally becoming a mom!” Those are some typical reactions upon finding out you’re pregnant but at the end of the day, being pregnant isn’t just a happy occasion to flaunt your beautiful baby bump… it’s also one of the times that mothers-to-be love the most and for many reasons!


Now, not every woman has the same pregnancy experience as another woman. Some women have pregnancies that go just as smooth as can be… no “morning sickness,” no stretch marks, and no terrible discomfort… they might experience more frequent than normal heartburn. Other women sometimes get the worst of everything. Nausea, heartburn, and constant spitting. It’s those mothers-to-be that have a better appreciation for the happy times during pregnancy!


If there is a pregnant woman in your life right now, take a look at these top three labors of love that will make any pregnant woman happy, regardless of how intense her pregnancy symptoms are.

Constant Attention


Mothers-to-be get to enjoy the best perk of pregnancy, which is attention. It’s almost like the people around you want to cater to you whenever they’re around you. If you’re pregnant and in the grocery store, someone might ask if they can grab a grocery basket for you or if you’re at work, your coworkers will always offer to bring you lunch. It’s so funny because before people noticed you had a small human inside you, people didn’t treat you as special.


To be fair, mothers-to-be should be able to relish in all the constant attention they receive because once the baby comes, all of the attention she was receiving will be shifted and on to the baby, so she needs to enjoy it while she has it. In fact, the Huffington Post explains why she deserves it and what you can do to show her she deserves it.

Gifts at Baby Showers

Whether you’re a new mother-to-be or an established mother, you find out just expensive it is to have children, that’s why mothers REALLY appreciate baby showers. If you’re someone planning a baby shower for a friend or loved one, there are a few essentials you need for gifts and decor that a baby shower cannot do without. Take a look at a few of these baby shower must-haves:



Of course, there are lots more gift and decor ideas out there. They key thing that mothers-to-be appreciate the most about baby showers is not just the wonderful gifts they receive but it’s the effort that’s put into the baby shower. Whether it’s the mother-to-be’s mother, best friend, mother-in-law, or coworkers, they understand that nobody had to throw her a baby shower but the fact that someone did take the time to host a shower for you speaks volumes.

Being Able to Get Away With a Lot Because You’re Pregnant

“I’m pregnant” is the name of this blame game and mothers-to-be play that card as often as they can! If it’s after midnight and the mother-to-be has a craving for a milkshake, it going to be expected for their spouse or significant other to grab them whatever it is she wants. Even simple things like household chores can be passed off to another family member due to being tired from pregnancy.


Now, with household chores, moms-to-be actually get a little bit of a pass because they don’t need to be around hazardous chemicals and that’s the card they’ll play too! Mothers-to-be have the luxury or excessive nap times, being brought food, getting foot rubs, and continuous belly rubs! Some women enjoy that and some don’t but for those that do enjoy the baby belly rubs, she is just as spoiled as her newborn baby will be!

All in all…

There’s nothing more beautiful than the gift of life but to show your appreciation to the creators of life, there are 3 labors of love that you can do to make her love you forever and it includes every aspect of baby showers, giving her plenty of attention, and letting her get away with things she normally would not.


Remember, this is a new experience for her, whether it’s her first or 6th, no pregnancy experience is the same. Shower her with your labors of love and show her you truly care.

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